Are Claw Game Machines Rigged – What Is The Trick to Win

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You’ve probably used one of these claw machines at some point in the past in the hopes of winning the plush toy of your dreams. You’ve discovered that the claw’s pincers simply can’t grasp a stuffed animal with enough force, despite your expert placement of the claw over the object and activation of it.

Claw machines are frequently rigged. Up until a certain amount of money is inserted, crane machines are programmed to have weak grips.

What Does Rigged Mean?

Are Claw Game Machines Rigged - What Is The Trick to Win

We must first define the term “rigged” in order to move forward. For the majority of people, it denotes an unequal advantage or a game that has been dishonestly fixed. For instance, if you were playing the fairground game Coconut Shy, you might anticipate that a powerful, accurate throw would knock a coconut off its perch. Many people would view that as a “rigged” game if you later found out that the coconuts were nailed down.

Unexpectedly, I discovered that many claw machines at seaside resorts like Blackpool and others around the nation work like a “rigged coconut shy.” Even more shocking is the fact that these devices are entirely legal. How do the owners of arcades manage to get away with it? I eventually found the answer, but it took some time and effort to do so.

My research brought me to the UK Gambling Commission website, where I found the fascinating document “Classification of crane machines.” I finally realized why I had lost so much money after reading this because claw games are basically slot machines! A game of chance rather than skill, the UK Gambling Commission labels some varieties of claw machines as “D gaming machines.”

How They Stop You Winning

Are Claw Game Machines Rigged - What Is The Trick to Win

You might be wondering at this point: How does a claw machine prevent you from winning? It does, however, employ a straightforward trick to stop you from leaving with an excessive number of plush toys. Up until the point when the machine decides it’s time to pay out, the claw’s grabbing strength is controlled. No matter how precisely you move the claw, it cannot successfully grab a toy and deliver it to the payout chute.

You’ll probably agree with me when I say that the game developers and operators were being a little sneaky with this. especially in light of the fact that young kids are the main audience for these claw machines.

HOW to Spot ‘RIGGED’ Games

Are Claw Game Machines Rigged - What Is The Trick to Win

What if I told you there was a simple way to tell which games are skill-based and which aren’t? It might help you save a ton of money! Look on the claw machine cabinet to pull off the trick. You’re looking for a small sticker with the letter “D” on it. You could be wasting your time and money by inserting pounds into this kind of machine if you see it because the claw game is NOT skill-based. You have a random chance of winning if you play on a grabby machine with a “D” sticker.

Nevertheless, by using a few strategies from expert claw players—yes, there are such people—players can improve their chances of winning. Videos posted on YouTube by professional players of the game “Pro Claw” can help you succeed even when the machine refuses to pay out.


Are Most Claw Machines Rigged?

We like playing them, but occasionally you just can’t get the claw to grab the prize, no matter how hard you try. Is it you, or is the system rigged? “Yes, most claw machines are rigged,” said Jeremy Hambly, who runs ClawStruck, a well-known website and YouTube channel that demonstrates how numerous models operate.

What is the Trick to Winning a Claw Machine?

Hit the button to lower the claw after positioning it over the desired prize. The crucial step is to press the same claw button once more to firmly grasp the toy as it is being attempted to be grabbed by the claw.

Are Claw Machines Luck Or Skill?

A lot of people enjoy playing arcade games, especially when you have a good chance of winning. Not because players lack skill, but claw machines have some of the lowest winner ratios. Claw machines are designed to reward skillful play in contrast to many arcade games, which reward luckier play.

Why is It So Hard to Win a Claw Machine?

Because the stuffed animals are crammed so closely together, some people believe that the claw machine is impossible to win. The bigger, more sinister reason is that the claw machine is set up to only have a firm grip occasionally.