How To Clean Your Hoshizaki Ice Maker In Easy Ways

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Do you know how to clean a Hoshizaki ice maker? Use an ice cleaning solution to clean your ice maker. A vinegar and water solution can be used to clean your ice maker if a commercial cleaner is not available. Clean the machine’s exterior with the bucket and a garden hose.

Scrub the machine’s exterior with a solution made of equal parts vinegar and water to get rid of the dirt and algae that have accumulated there. You’ve had a long day, you’re exhausted, and now you have to clean the ice maker.

Why Is It Necessary To Clean The Hoshizaki Ice Maker?

Among the restaurant’s equipment, the Hoshizaki ice maker is crucial. It is an efficient way to make ice and a great location for cooling drinks. But if you don’t clean it frequently, the machine will get grimy and moldy, which will impair its functionality. Consequently, you must regularly clean your Hoshizaki ice maker if you want to use it for a long time.

How to Clean The Hoshizaki Ice Maker?

1. Everything you need to clean your machine is included in the Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning Kit. The kit comes with a utility knife, a drain hose with a shut-off valve, and a cleaning wand and brush.

2. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or chemicals on any parts of your Hoshizaki ice maker to avoid damage during cleaning.

3. Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning Guide

A task that many people dread is cleaning the ice maker. But it’s quick and simple to do if you have the right equipment and methods. Here are some tips to help you clean your Hoshizaki ice machine:

4. Safety First

Safety should always come first when maintaining an ice maker. Never attempt to repair an ice maker that is plugged in or that has water in it! Make sure the appliance is free of electricity as well. Before beginning any work on your refrigerator or other appliance, if you do not know how to turn off the power, have a licensed electrician do it for you.

5. Remove Anything That Can Get In The Way

After making sure the Hoshizaki unit is secure enough to work on, take out any items that might obstruct your cleaning efforts, such as shelves, trays, or bins from inside the refrigerator section.

Items like these are prone to getting wet while being cleaned and rusting over time if left inside the unit after being manually cleaned. If there are any items in your Hoshizaki unit that cannot be removed during cleaning sessions, cover them with plastic bags or towels until they can be cleaned.

How To Clean Your Hoshizaki Ice Maker In Easy Ways

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Descaling, Disinfecting, And Sanitizing

The three procedures are distinct and essential steps in the deep cleaning of an ice maker. Descaling, disinfecting, and sanitizing should be finished in that order, one after the other. The words “disinfect” and “sanitize” are sometimes used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two.

Descaling is a critical step that no ice machine owner should skip. Descaling is the process of removing limescale buildup from any location along the water circuit of an ice maker (also known as scale, calcium deposit, or calcium carbonate).

Disinfecting involves using a higher rate of solution than you would use during sanitizing. This solution aids in clearing the surface of debris, scale, grime, mold, and other microorganisms. In order to complete this process, you must first wipe or scrub the surface clean. Next, you must rinse the surface to remove any remaining cleaner.

Sanitizing is the process of creating a barrier that protects against contamination. To eliminate 99.99% of microorganisms from a surface, use the manufacturer’s suggested amount of solution. In order to fully remove all contaminants, this solution is given time to air dry on the surface. During sanitizing, you don’t rinse. If the cleaning and sanitizing instructions in this blog post (or on the label on the inside of the ice machine) are followed, sanitizing solutions like bleach are regarded as safe by the federal government.

Which Hoshizaki Interior Parts Need Deep Cleaning?

The interior parts of the ice machine that must be descaled, disinfected, and sanitized are

  • Bin Interior
  • Evaporator, Water Reservoirs, and Water Circulation Tubes
  • Drop Zones

Hoshizaki machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes it different how easy it is to access these interior parts. How to access the interior of various ice makers will be covered in a later blog.

Any ice maker’s interior or exterior could contain mold, slime, or limescale (which is discussed below). Scale-attached slime or mold will be eliminated during the descaling procedure. Otherwise, any of these substances that are still present during the disinfecting process will be eliminated. The important thing is to make sure that all visible scale, mold, and slime are eliminated before the cleaning procedure is deemed finished.

What Cleaning Tool Works Best For Hoshizaki Ice Makers?

Cleaning the ice bin of your Hoshizaki ice maker is simple with the help of the professional cleaning brush provided by Hoshizaki.

The Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning Brush’s soft, bristle-free head is suitable for both industrial and domestic uses.

This brush was created specifically to fit in the bin of any Hoshizaki ice maker, including all Hoshizaki refrigeration products, including models like the HDA-200, HDA-300, and HDA-400.

This brush’s non-abrasive bristles won’t scratch or harm the surface of the ice machine’s bin. The bristles will assist in removing any accumulation or debris in your bin that might be hindering your ice-making procedure.

Which Cleaning Agent Works Best For Ice Makers?

Cleaners specifically designed for cleaning ice makers are known as “ice machine cleaning solutions.” This kind of solution is especially made to get rid of mineral buildup from hard water from ice makers.

You can buy ice machine cleaning solutions at most grocery stores, or you can make your own by combining commonplace items like vinegar and baking soda.

Ice Machine Cleaning Solutions

An ice maker can be cleaned with a variety of cleaning agents. In order to keep the machinery free-flowing and increase its lifespan, an ice machine cleaning solution is used to remove mineral deposits from the unit.

White Vinegar

Because it is affordable and accessible, white vinegar is one of the components used in ice machine cleaning solutions the most frequently. An ice maker’s limescale buildup can be reduced by up to 70% using this ingredient, according to studies.

By keeping minerals dissolved in solution rather than settling on surfaces, it also aids in the future prevention of limescale buildup. To create your own vinegar solution, mix 5 parts water and 1 part white vinegar.

Ice Maker Cleaner Downsides

The main issue with using an ice maker cleaner is that it takes a while to start working. This can be annoying because most people just want their machines to be cleaned and ready to use right away!

The frequency of Hoshizaki ice maker maintenance.
To keep it producing the best-tasting, highest-quality ice possible, you must regularly clean your Hoshizaki ice maker. Ice makers should be cleaned at least once a year. A cleaning cycle every six months is advised. There are several reasons why you should clean your Hoshizaki ice machine on a regular basis:

1) To remove bacteria and mold growth

2) To maintain the efficiency of your machine

3) To reduce the risk of equipment failure due to clogged drains or water lines


You ought to have a better understanding of how to clean your Hoshizaki ice maker as a result of reading this article. We sincerely hope that you have learned something useful about this topic, and please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.