How to Clean a Nespresso Machine – Step By Step

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Nespresso machine can help us taste delicious coffee, but how should Nespresso machine be cleaned? How often should Nespresso machine be cleaned? Maybe the Nespresso machine in your home hasn’t been cleaned after a year and a half of frequent daily use, which will lead to slow startup of the coffee machine and the generation of scale, so we need to clean the Nespresso machine regularly.

Materials for Cleaning Nespresso Machine

  • Dishwashing soap
  • Washing cloth
  • Container (a container that can hold four cups of water and can be placed under the coffee head)
  • Mild cleaning solution
  • Descaling Kit (optional)

How to Clean the Nespresso Machine?

Although Nespresso machine is a very convenient kitchen appliance, I’m sorry, it doesn’t clean automatically. Alas, the residue left by the coffee brewed in the past will accumulate over time. If it is not cleaned regularly, your beloved coffee machine will start to produce substandard coffee cups, or even worse, it will stop producing anything.

  • Step 1: Flush and clean the water tank. 

First, we can remove the water tank and pour it into the water tank. Wash the water tank by hand with mild detergent, rinse it thoroughly, and then refill it with fresh drinking water. Lock the full clean fuel tank back to its original position.

  • Step 2: Clean the capsule container. 

If there are still traces of yesterday’s coffee in the machine, please lift the top of the device and pop up the used Nespresso capsule. Next, remove the capsule container and wash it with dishwasher and sailor; When it is very clean, put it back in place.

  • Step 3: Clean the drip pan. 

You know the drill just needs to remove the drip pan, wash it with soap and warm water, and then put it back in the right position.

  • Step 4:Heat the machine.

When finished, the light will change from flashing to stable.

  • Step 5: Run the cleaning process. 

After the light on the machine is stabilized to white, place a container large enough on the cup holder, and the water in the container can hold 1 liter of water. Then, quickly press the button on the machine three times in succession (i.e. within 2 seconds), and the cleaning process will begin. The water should flow out of the coffee outlet within 2 minutes, and the whole flushing process takes about 7 minutes.

Nespresso Machine

Why Descale the Nespresso Machine?

In order to better measure, we need to descale the Nespresso machine, which is a solution added to the water tank, and then remove the scale of lime in the water through the machine. (this solution smells a little pungent, but after treatment, you need to run another cycle of fresh water to remove the chemical odor.) Nespresso machine is the most advanced. Like any equipment, regular cleaning is essential. Over time, the water used in the brewing process may lead to the accumulation of internal minerals, which may affect the flow, temperature and overall performance of the machine. Nespresso recommends that you descale the machine regularly, every three months or every 300 pills (whichever comes first). If you have problems on the way, you can visit the Nespresso website, because your direction may be slightly different depending on your model.

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How to Descale Nespresso Machine?

Coffee residue is not the only thing that slows down the Nespresso machine and affects the flavor of beverages. Minerals in pure water will lead to scale accumulation, which will eventually affect the performance of the equipment. In order to avoid this situation, it is important to descale the machine about every three months. This process is somewhat similar to the above cleaning method, but requires the use of Nespresso descaling solution, a chemical solution designed to dissolve stubborn mineral deposits. Are you ready to start? Just follow these steps to descale your machine and it will be as good as new.

  • Step 1: empty the drip tray and capsule container. Clean them quickly before putting them back in place.
  • Step 2: empty the water tank. Pour out all the water in the water tank and fill it with one unit of Nespresso descaling solution and 17 ounces (0.5 liters) of water. Put the tank back on the machine.
  • Step 3: heat the machine. Turn off and lock the machine to turn it on and start heating. When the machine is ready, the indicator light will stop flashing.
  • Step 4: enter descaling mode. This is where it becomes a little complicated, so read it carefully, friends: first, open the nose and eject the capsule. Close the machine head again and move the control lever to the right to make it in the unlocked position. Next, press and hold the button until the steady light first disappears and then starts flashing orange.
  • Step 5: start descaling. Once the indicator light starts to turn orange and flash quickly, you have 45 seconds to start descaling. To do this, just place a container large enough (at least 1 liter) under the coffee outlet, and then turn the control lever to the left to lock the machine. The descaling will start automatically.
  • Step 6: flush the removable parts. When the light no longer flashes orange, you will know that the descaling process has been completed. Now it’s time to rinse: first remove the water tank, capsule container and drip tray. Rinse it (or wash it thoroughly by hand) and put it back into the machine.
  • Step 7: clean the Nespresso machine. Fill the water tank with fresh drinking water, pour the contents of the container used for descaling, and put it back into the cup holder. Press the button once and the flushing cycle will begin.
  • Step 8: prepare the machine for use. Congratulations on the completion of the descaling process! Now all you have to do is refill the water tank, and your Nespresso machine will prepare a cup of fresh coffee for you.