How to Clean Bubble Hash Machine In Simple Way?

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If we have bubble hash machine in our home, it can make the ice water extraction process easier, more efficient and more pleasant. However, when we use bubble hash machine, it will inevitably cause them to become dirty, which depends on how you care for them, but bubble hash washing machine is not a disposable product. bubble hash washing machine can be used for many years if properly cared for and cleaned. Cleaning themachine after each use will help extend its service life.

Necessary Materials for Cleaning Bubble Hash Machine

Successful cleaning of bubble hash machine requires some basic tools. High quality washing starts with the big fried dough twist you use. You can wash marijuana with marijuana that has been properly dried and pickled, but some people prefer fresh frozen materials. This means that the whole plant (without pruning) is frozen immediately after planting. This helps to retain some valuable terpenes that could have been lost.

Not surprisingly, cleaning the bubble hash washing machine requires cleaning the bag. There is a nylon mesh screen at the bottom of these bags, which can catch some cannabinoids and terpenes while allowing other substances to pass (depending on their size). Some bags are made entirely of nylon mesh, while others are mostly cloth with the bottom of the nylon mesh. The whole bubble hash bag will drain faster during the cleaning process. The mesh bottom bag may be stronger. Which one you use depends on your personal preference.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Bubble Hash Machine Often?

A bubble hash machine that is not properly cleaned will become blocked over time and will be almost unusable. They will agglomerate and cannot be filtered correctly. Sometimes these bags can be salvaged with deep cleaner.

bubble hash washing machine nylon mesh screen is very fine. They are measured in microns (millionths of a meter), and each micron of laundry bag will “capture” garbage of different quality. Usually, a set of cleaning bags has 8 micron sizes – 220 µ, 190 µ, 160 µ, 120 µ, 90 µ, 73 µ, 54 µ and 25 µ. The best hash value will range from 120 µ to 45 µ. The largest microns (220 µ and 190 µ) usually contain only plant materials and can be discarded. 25 µ bags are usually considered “food grade” and can be discarded. There are different sizes of laundry bags that you can choose to meet your needs. The most common bag sizes are 1 gallon, 5 gallons, 20 gallons, and 32 gallons. The smallest bag is 1 gallon and can hold up to 2 ounces of items. This five gallon bag can hold half a pound. Twenty (20) gallon bags can hold up to about 2 pounds, and 32 gallon bags can hold up to about 3 pounds of big fried dough twist.

In addition to the starting materials (big fried dough twist) and a set of laundry bags, you also need (at least) two barrels to match your laundry bag size (that is, a 5-gallon bucket is required for a 5-gallon laundry bag), a sprinkler, a mixing appliance (avoid using wood), a spoon, ice, water (distilled or reverse osmosis water), a can or bowl, and a towel. It should also be noted that when cleaning in a cold environment (such as walk-in freezer), the effect is the best. Cold air keeps ice and water cold, your marijuana cold, hairy bodies cold, and cleanly separates them from plants for collection as hashes.

Washing Related Precautions

  • Ice water water washing

The best way to care for bubble laundry bags is to clean them well with ice water after using hash machine: Leave a small bucket of ice water during extraction. After collecting debris from the filter screen, immediately immerse the bubble bag in ice water and gently stir the filter. If used immediately after each use, this ice water should be enough to clean the bag correctly.

  • Avoid using warm or hot water

Do not use warm water or hot water, as this will cause the filter to block. All water used for cleaning should be cold. Repeat cold water cleaning if necessary. For heavy stains, soak the bag in cold water overnight.

  • Do not use detergent or solvent to clean the bubble bag

If there are serious stains that cannot be removed with cold water, please try isopropyl alcohol cleaning method: if the filter screen of the bubble laundry bag is blocked, you may need something stronger than cold water to salvage the bag. Gently remove stubborn stains with isopropyl alcohol on a soft toothbrush. The goal is 70% alcohol, which is milder on the screen. Don’t let alcohol get on the edge of the screen around the suture.

  • Avoid immersing the suture in alcohol

It is important to avoid immersing the suture in alcohol, because over time, alcohol will weaken the threading ability and damage the seam of the bag. After cleaning bubble hash washing machine with isopropyl alcohol, wash thoroughly with cold water. Another technique for handling dirty / damaged bags is to use a mixture of olive oil and cold water to help soften and remove the caked mashed potatoes in the filter. If you try this method, you need to wash it with clean cold water several times to remove the residual olive oil. Otherwise, the oil will stay in your product! Except for the cold water used to clean the bubble laundry bag, any other items need to be washed carefully.

  • Drying and storage of bubble hash machine laundry bags

No matter how you clean the bubble laundry bags, it is important to let them dry thoroughly before storage. Storing wet bags will cause mold to grow, which will definitely destroy your bag. Moldy bags should not be reused. Store the bubble laundry bag in a breathable small handbag in a cool and dry place.

Bubble Hash Machine

Cleaning Bubble Hash Machine FAQ

  • Can you wash bubble bags with the washing machine?

There is no clear answer, because it depends on the specific machine and detergent used. Some people successfully cleaned bubble bags in their machines, while others did not. It is best to test a small piece of bag to see if it is suitable for the machine and can be cleaned correctly.

  • How do you clean bubble bags?

There are several ways to clean bubble hash washing machine bags. One way is to fill the sink with hot water and soap, put the bubble bag in the sink, and then scrub it with your hands. Another method is to fill a spray bottle with water and vinegar, spray it into a bubble bag, and then scrub it with your hands.

  • How do you clean the micro screen?

There are several ways to clean the bubble hash washing machine microscreen. The most common method is to use isopropanol. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with hose accessories or a can of compressed air.

  • What is a hash cleaner?

The hash washer is a small round piece of metal with a series of holes on it. It is used to clean the interior of machines that use hashed oil, such as cannabis concentrators.

  • How do you clean the flash bag?

There are several ways to clean the flash pack. One way is to fill the bag with hot water and soap, shake it well, and then scrub the surface with a brush. Another way is to pour some white vinegar into the bag, close it tightly and let it stand for a few hours. Finally, you can clean the surface of the bag with a vacuum cleaner.

  • How should I clean the Dry Screen?

For the bubble hash washing machine screen that is soiled and stuck by the flattened resin head and a small amount of plant substances, we find it best to use a paint brush or lint free cloth, which contains a high percentage of cleaning alcohol, such as food grade isopropyl alcohol or other food grade alcohol. Alcohol can dissolve the resin and help wash away the plant debris stuck to the resin. This will make your synthetic or stainless steel screen as clean as new. Make sure to use a lint free cloth, as this will not leave any microfiber in the screen. Do not use warm / hot water.

Use a lot of alcohol, a very wet drip brush, brush the horizontally placed grid, so that alcohol droplets pass through the grid. You may find that after swiping back and forth quickly on the screen for two or three times, you need to dip in alcohol again, because alcohol will soon run away from the brush. It doesn’t matter. Use more alcohol. Brush both sides of the net on the plate or tray. Use a magnifying glass to check the grid before and after cleaning.


When cleaning bubble hash machine, using high-quality bubble laundry bags is a major advantage. Once you buy bubble laundry bags, cleaning them diligently will prolong the service life of the bags and maximize your investment in high-quality equipment. Cleaning the foam cleaning bag is a simple process. Consistency is the key!