How Much Does a Cryotherapy Machine Cost?

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There are many factors to take into account before buying a cryotherapy chamber, but one of the most frequent inquiries is how much a chamber costs.

A cryotherapy chamber’s price can be affected by a number of variables, but the main one is the type of chamber you want. We will investigate the two primary whole-body cryotherapy options available on the market in this instance: a nitrogen chamber and an electric chamber. A nitrogen cryo system will typically have a much higher total cost of ownership than an electric chamber because of the fixed costs of nitrogen.

What Is The Price Of A Cryotherapy Machine?

Simply put, nitrogen is operated using liquid nitrogen to create the cool temperature while an electric chamber is operated using electricity to cool the chamber. The initial costs for these two types of chambers are typically very different. It can be less expensive up front to buy a nitrogen chamber; a rough estimate puts the cost at $50,000+. Whereas the starting price of an electric chamber is $90,000 and until recently the average cost was much higher at around $180,000.
It’s important to keep in mind that even though the nitrogen chamber is much less expensive, there are operating expenses to take into account. The expense of using liquid nitrogen to operate the nitrogen chamber comes along with it. Nitrogen cryosystems have fixed costs per session and have the potential to significantly reduce profit margin. As long as you are using the chamber, keep in mind that the cost of nitrogen will be an additional expense for each session. Since there is no true fixed cost per session associated with electric cryotherapy chambers, it enables easy scaling and increased profit margins as you expand. The electric chamber has a higher upfront cost, but will cost you much less to operate as you only need to take into account the additional cost to your electrical bill, which is typically less than $20/day based on 10 hours of daily use of the chamber.

Are Electric Chambers Worth The Price?

Electric cryotherapy chambers are widely used and extremely pricey. The primary disadvantage is that they do not become as cold as nitrogen chambers. The convenience of having multiple people enter at once makes electric cryotherapy chambers appealing. Universities, big-box gyms, and professional sports organizations are interested in this. The drawback is that small business owners frequently lack the funds to purchase an electric chamber. For someone to invest twice the amount in an electric chamber they will need twice the time to achieve an ROI. Because most cryotherapy sessions are performed one at a time, this is not a practical option for small businesses.

How Does The Cold Differ?

Both types of cryotherapy chambers get very cold, but nitrogen chambers are significantly colder. Only about -150°F can be reached by electric refrigeration. Although it is chilly, the cryogenic environment only exists at temperatures below -160°F, which is the reason nitrogen chambers were developed—to place clients inside a true cryogenic chamber to reap the most benefits. Sometimes people are misled to believe that a person must have their head in the cold for a “vagus nerve reaction” or “illusion of hypothermia,” but that is simply not the case. Both approaches use cryotherapy, but nitrogen-powered machines are more effective, less expensive, and don’t need any special installation work.

How Much Does a Cryotherapy Machine Cost

How Does Using Liquid Nitrogen Increase Safety?

Instead of using a direct feed of liquid nitrogen in a cryosauna, they use an indirect feed. This means the liquid nitrogen is pumped into a “waiting room”, prior to then being fed into the cryotherapy chamber itself.

What’s really interesting is that due to safety concerns, one of the biggest liquid nitrogen suppliers in the world, Air Products, won’t actually supply liquid nitrogen to direct feed cryotherapy chambers.

Regarding the safety of you and your family, you should give this some serious thought.

Since I don’t have the £70,000/$85,000+ for an electric cryotherapy chamber, I personally have a direct feed cryosauna. Despite being fully aware of the risks, I am happy to spend the £30,000 on a medical cryo chamber that is necessary for my longevity.

A Cryo Orgy

A good single-user indirect liquid nitrogen feed cryotherapy chamber will cost between £50,000 and £60,000. Then, if you want to start expanding the cryo electric chambers to accommodate more people entering at once—think sports teams—you are quickly looking way over cryo innovations for £100,000 or $120,000.

I’ve heard that very large, whole-body cryotherapy chambers can be purchased for about £250,000 ($300,000).


The goal of EVEREST is to increase the accessibility of electric cryotherapy for both residential cryotherapy applications and customers looking to switch from nitrogen and eliminate recurring costs.
The EVEREST line offers 3 chamber options, with prices starting at $90,000. These are in addition to the C1 & C4 Recovery Electric cryotherapy units sold by US Cryotherapy and the most popular electric chambers in the USA.