Can You Do Deadlift On A Smith Machine?

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The deadlift is one of the three primary exercises in powerlifting. It may also be one of the riskiest tasks to complete. The smith machine deadlift is something you should consider because of this. The amazing advantages of this compound exercise are still available while you safely perform the deadlift on the smith machine.

One of the most potent exercises in your workout program can be the smith machine deadlift when done correctly. This post will teach you everything there is to know about the smith machine deadlift.

How Do You Perform a Deadlift?

A deadlift is a great option for an all-around full-body exercise. No matter what your fitness objectives are, deadlifts are some of the most powerful exercises you can do. They should therefore be a crucial component of any training program.

Bodybuilders who want to isolate a specific muscle group can use Smith machine deadlifts in particular. 

For beginners and infrequent gym goers as well as lifters who want to limit any added volume to their other muscle groups during their leg workouts, the Smith machine deadlift can be a good substitute for other squat variations. 

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Benefits Of The Smith Machine Deadlifts

They are easy to carry out and have amazing advantages once you know how. There aren’t any advantages to using a Smith machine over barbell deadlifts in terms of practicality. The only significant difference is that if you don’t have a barbell, you can use a Smith machine instead.

  • Good for beginners: If you’re just starting out, using a straight bar path Smith machine will keep your bar path as it should be and aid in your education of the correct mechanics.
  • Strong lower body: The Smith machine deadlift offers the same advantages as traditional barbell deadlifts. Your quadriceps, the entirety of your posterior chain, your forearms, and your grip can all gain strength and muscle mass.
  • Total body strength: Additionally, you’ll develop general body strength, strengthen your bones, and burn more calories.

Why Should You Use the Smith Machine for Deadlifts?

As you can see from our explanation above, deadlifts involve raising weighted bars or barbells that are stationary. The emphasis, of course, on the word stationary, which, in other words, can be referred to as “dead”, hence the name.

Therefore, you might be wondering what on earth a smith machine has to do with dead weights. Well, that’s a really good question.

A smith machine can function as a conventional barbell because it is a flexible yet sturdy system. The machine can be set up in such a way that it performs the same function as a conventional stiff-legged deadlift while also having the stability and control that only a smith machine bar can offer.

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How To Perform A Deadlift Safely

Even though a Smith machine allows for different movement patterns, there are some tips to remember that will help you perform a traditional deadlift using one in a way that is as similar to a free barbell deadlift as possible.

A conventional deadlift with a Smith machine can be done effectively and safely with the right information. If you have access to one, you can perform standard deadlifts with a barbell. However, it’s possible that a suitable set of barbells isn’t always available.

Even at your neighborhood gym, it’s possible that every barbell will be in use during your workout, so you might need to try an alternative. This is a prime example of when using a Smith machine instead of not deadlifting at all can be a much better option.

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What is the Smith Machine Deadlift Technique?

  1. Lower the Smith machine bar to its lowest position. The safety catches are typically where you should rest your hands.
  2. Then, with both feet firmly planted on the weights or elevation box, grasp the bar as tightly as you can, just outside of your shins. 
  3. Sit low enough on the floor so that your shins are perpendicular to it. At the same time, bring your hips down. 
  4. To keep your shoulders from hunching, keep your head straight ahead and your chest up. You’ll start pulling up starting from here. By extending your knees and pushing up with the bar, you can increase your height. 
  5. When the bar reaches your knees, you should drive your hips forward (extending at the hips) and squeeze your glutes while keeping your spine straight throughout the entire range of motion. Keep your hips in neutral position and stop short of full lockout. 
  6. As you lower the weight, maintain a raised chest, a straight back, and a natural hip hinge. Control the descent—never let the weight drop back down, as that’s how you injure your back.
  7. Pushing your hips back and allowing the bar to come down slowly, followed by flexing (bending) your knees, is how you should lower the bar. 
  8. Power and muscle mass can be increased through sets of 4-6 reps, strength can be increased through sets of 8-12 reps, and endurance can be raised through sets of 15-25 reps.

When performed properly, Smith machine deadlifts can be both efficient and secure. However, there are a few crucial considerations to make before beginning your deadlifts. 

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Disadvantages of Smith Machine Deadlifts

  • Restricted range of motion

Limitations to your range of motion can be a very BAD thing when it comes to deadlifts. Increase your range of motion by bending at the knees, hunching your hips, and properly engaging your lower back. Your body is fixed on one particular path when the weight moves in a single plane of motion. Your risk of injury increases if your musculoskeletal system attempts to make up for the imbalance.

  • Scraped shins.

The bar may scrape or bump against your shins as it descends because it is moving straight down without any flex or movement. Many people risk shin injuries or pain because they must plant their feet very closely to the bar in order to maintain proper posture.

  • A Smith machine is needed.

You’ll have to perform standard barbell (or dumbbell) deadlifts if your gym or home gym doesn’t already have a Smith machine, which is great if it does. Smaller commercial gyms may choose other leaner, sleeker machines instead of a Smith machine because Smith machines are bulky, heavy, and clumsy and may be too big for your home gym. 

Common Mistakes of Smith Machine Deadlifts

The most common mistakes people make while performing the Smith machine deadlift include:

  1. Arching or Rounding Your Back
  2. Leading with Your Hips
  3. Standing on the Wrong End
  4. Shrugging the Bar
  5. Bouncing the Bar off the Safety Catches
  6. Standing Too Far Away From the Bar 


The Smith machine deadlift is an option for anyone who wants to experiment with a new lifting technique.

Although a free weight barbell will always be the most effective deadlift variation, you can notice a lot more strength and size gain in a short amount of time because it regulates your movement and helps you focus on the prime movers.

Use the Smith machine to achieve those improvements if you want to vary your deadlift training the next time you work out.