How to Use a Rolling Machine (Step-by-Step Instructions)

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It can take a lot of time and effort to roll a joint by hand, if you’re like most people. Many people, including me, find relaxation in the act of rolling a joint by hand.

I do like rolling a doobie up because it gets my body and mind ready to unwind and appreciate the moment.

It may be cause and effect, with my mind comprehending that by rolling a joint, I would soon be smoking and feel the peaceful benefits of the herb. I have never fully worked out why it’s so calming.

People frequently want a joint rolled, nevertheless, without having to roll it by hand.

A joint roller is the ideal smoking accessory to utilize in certain situations to expedite the procedure. We’ll go through joint roller usage in this post so that your joint performs better than anyone else’s.

We will also go through the three simple steps to consistently roll the best joint.

Rolling Machine

Instructions for Rolling Machine Instructions

The Raw Rolling Machine, Zig Zag Joint Rolling Machine, Juicy Jay’s Jumbo Blunt Rolling Machine, and any other cigarette or joint roller with a comparable design can be used in accordance with the steps in this user manual.

You can quickly start rolling your own with only a few simple steps to remember.

1. Collect your Materials

  • Joint Roller
  • Grinder
  • Rolling Papers
  • Joint Filter
  • Herb

2. Fill up the Joint Roller

  • Slide the top of the joint roller over, then position a filter on the far side.
  • Make sure the herb is finely ground to ensure that the joint smokes consistently. Nobody wants their weed to burn evenly on only one side.
  • Place the joint roller within the finely ground herb. You need room so that the air can move through correctly, so be careful not to have too much.
  • A joint filter, crutch, or tip should always be on the side opposite the herb.
  • Joint roller closed

3. Making use of the Joint Roller

  • Put the joint rolling device in front of you and grab the grips with your fingers. Use your thumbs to turn the handles in your direction. To ensure that the joint is rolled evenly, be careful to do this gently and at a steady speed.
  • The adhesive side of the raw rolling paper should be facing up.
  • Roll once more toward your body as you apply pressure.
  • Lick the sticky portion last, then continue rolling.


Grab The Stashlight so you can keep your joint safe until you’re ready to smoke it. Nobody wants their efforts to go in vain.

Never place a blunt or joint inside of a pocket or a bag without first protecting it.

You can transport your joint anywhere you desire with the Stashlight without having to worry about it bending or coming apart. This is vital. Don’t throw your joint out.

Break the Stashlight open once more when you’re ready, then take the joint out of the joint case. Light your joint now with the built-in lighter. Pass, pass, pass. Enjoy!