Why Won’t the Vending Machine Take My Card – Reasons & Solutions

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If your card is declined by the bank because of questionable activity, insufficient funds, or because it has been blocked due to numerous failed payments, a vending machine may not accept it. Older vending machines lack the necessary technology to accept credit cards, so they won’t work.

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Why Won’t the Vending Machine Take My Card?

It can be very annoying to try to pay with your card at the vending machine but not be able to get the snack or drink you want.

But here are some reasons why your card may not be accepted at a Vending Machine:

  1. You might have an expired debit or credit card.
  2. Due to the fact that you are not using your card at the usual location, the bank may flag this transaction as fraudulent.
  3. The vending machine is too old or situated in an area with a predominantly older population. This is because it will not be necessary to install a card reader on the device because older people are more likely to use cash.
  4. The machine can’t currently process card transactions because the owner of the device failed to pay the card reader fees.
  5. The machine’s maximum number of transactions may have been reached. For security reasons, banks occasionally place restrictions on the number of transactions you can make using a credit or debit card, or the number of limits that a machine can handle.
  6. You might not have enough money in your account to cover your purchase or you may have used up your account’s credit limit.
  7. The device is unable to accept your specific card.

Do Vending Machines Accept Debit Cards Only?

No matter the issuer, the majority of card readers accept debit cards. The same goes for vending machines, which accept all forms of currency, including coins and paper bills.

Usually, such small-scale transactions are not the intended use of credit cards. For this reason, using your credit card to make a purchase from a vending machine may not be possible.

How to Use a Card at a Vending Machine?

For a number of reasons, many people favor using cards over cash.

First, cards make it easier for you to keep track of your spending and determine precisely when, where, and how your money was used.

Additionally, if your debit or credit card is ever lost, you can immediately suspend it and challenge any transactions that you didn’t authorize. This means that your money won’t be lost forever.

There are several procedures you can follow to make a purchase from a vending machine, regardless of whether you’re using a debit or credit card.

  1. See if your card’s logo is among the insignias displayed by the machine. Some devices may not accept your Visa or American Express card because they are only compatible with a limited number of insignias.
  2. Place your card appropriately by examining the location of the magnetic strip on the card reader to determine whether it is on the right or left.
  3. Make sure to swipe the card through the reader from very top to very bottom.
  4. Wait for a message that says “Approved.” This means that the company that owns the vending machine has temporarily given permission for them to charge your card for the items you buy.
  5. On the keypad of the machine, key in the number associated with the item you’ve chosen, then wait for it to drop. If you need to buy multiple items, repeat the process.
  6. Press the “End” button on the reader. Once you’ve finished making your purchases, your card won’t be usable because the temporary authorization will be stopped. Of course, if you forget to do this, the authorization may expire after a short while or when another person uses the device, but you should still end your transaction to avoid any inconvenience.
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What Does It Mean When a Vending Machine Says Too Many Transactions?

What does it mean when a vending machine says it has reached its maximum number of transactions? is among the most frequently asked questions when a person visits one.

Do Vending Machines Charge Higher When You Use Cards?

The majority of vending machines don’t add fees when you pay with a credit card, but some of them do. Due to the fact that credit card companies charge the machine’s operator after each transaction, these machines charge an additional fee.

Some machines also charge more when you use debit cards because the vending machine operator needs to get in touch with the customer’s bank to confirm that there are sufficient funds in the account to cover the purchase they’re making. Once more, this might cause the transaction to be delayed.

Can a Vending Machine Charge You Twice for An Item?

Your debit or credit card will frequently be charged twice for vending machine transactions.

The amount you are being charged after making a purchase from a vending machine is known as an authorization hold.

This does not, however, mean that the money has already been taken out of your account.

In fact, the money will be taken out of your account at the end of the day after the owner or business of the vending machine submits all card payments to the bank to be cleared.

This safeguards the business in case you use your card to its maximum capacity or run out of money after making a purchase.

The hold is released after the funds have been moved from your account to the business’s account, which typically takes one or two days.

But if you continue to see this hold on your account, you should get in touch with your bank, and it will get in touch with the business to sort this out.


If a vending machine is too old or lacks a reader, it might not accept a card. It might not always be built to read your specific card.

Debit cards are generally accepted by the majority of machines, but credit cards aren’t accepted by all of them.

After using the card, you should press the “End” button to make sure that you’ve stopped the temporary authorization that enables the machine to charge you for your purchase.


Can You Use a Debit Card on a Vending Machine

Besides Cash method of payment, the vending machines accept the following other forms of payment: Debit Card (Debit “Flash” card with “TAP” on it), Card of credit and Apple Pay.

How to Reset Vending Machine Card Reader

Press and hold the device’s two upper, black buttons, then the two lower, red and yellow, buttons to reset your vending machine.