How to Get Free Stuff In a Vending Machine – Simple Ways

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In the contemporary world, vending machines are extremely useful. They make it simple to grab a snack in the middle of a long day or a cold drink on a hot summer afternoon. But when you don’t have any money, the machine is just a waste of time. Continue reading to learn how to get free items from a vending machine if you have that question.

What Should You Know About Vending Machines?

In 1880, the first automated vending machine began operating in England, United Kingdom, and it was designed exclusively to dispense postcards. In different nations today, vending machines offer not only commonplace goods but also unusual ones.

Though the first vending machine remains functional in England, the first reference to a Vending machine was a product of several works by an Engineer and Mathematician of Egyptian origin, known as “Hero of Alexandria.” In the first century, his “vending machine” would accept a coin to dispense “Holy Water.”

The Egyptian Vending Machine used a straightforward mechanism in which a coin inserted into it caused it to fall onto a pan attached to a lever. The lever would then open a valve that allowed the “Holy water” to flow out.

In England, tobacco vending machines started to operate in 1615, but they were rudimentary and only worked in taverns. It wasn’t until the 1880s that the real vending machine gained popularity in this nation.

Understand That They Are All Different

The first thing to keep in mind is that each vending machine is special. You cannot automatically access free items from vending machines with a magic code. Before you are successful, you might have to try a few different things. Additionally, using force in any form—kicking, hitting, etc.—will not help you get very far. Using a drill and screw is not an option unless you have endless time. The best ways to enter a vending machine are listed below.

1. Trick Older Machines

It’s not hard to trick older soda and snack machines. Simply push up on the bottom gate or door to open it. Even though there has been a dispensing, the machine is tricked into believing nothing has happened by this hack. You have a certain amount of time to choose a different item or request a refund.

2. Trick A Gumball Machine Into Accepting Pennies

By tricking vending machines into accepting pennies, one can obtain free goods from them. To stop a bill from falling inside the machine, insert a piece of paper into the hinge. A gift certificate or beverage can can also be fastened to the device using paper. Another fantastic trick is to shrink-wrap a dollar bill and place it inside a beverage bottle.

Turning the vending machine knob will release the free items if you want to get them. This will trick the machines into believing you have money, and they will steal your pennies. Additionally, you can insert free coins into the machine by turning the buttons. How much free stuff you can get in this way will astound you.

The best strategy is to use cunning when trying to obtain free items from vending machines. There are numerous approaches to doing this. You can attempt to insert some coins into the gumball machines to deceive them into accepting pennies. Additionally, you can put a coin in the dispenser and spit out the change. Though it might not work on all vending machines, this trick will undoubtedly work on some of them.

3. Use The Free Code For Nesquik Drinks

If there is a coin-operated Nesquik vending machine nearby, you might be able to buy a cool drink using the free code. Try your luck by entering this code: 44455544455. This figure corresponds to the fourth and fifth drink selection buttons. After keying it in, pick the beverage you want for free. Vending machine codes frequently used include 137137137.

4. Get Your Money Back Trick

You only need paper money and some packing tape for this trick. Before you put your cash in the vending machine, tape one end of it. You can then use the pull-out method to get your complimentary drink after the machine has registered the payment.

5. Set Your Own Price

You can set a price like $0 for Pepsi vending machines. The newer machines with large buttons are the ones that are most in demand for this. The chance to pull off a sneaky gambit and get a free drink is ideal when you can decide the price of your beverage.

6. Get Free Change

If there is an older Coca-Cola vending machine nearby, enter the code 432112311 while keeping the change lever depressed. You ought to hear the sound of a coin clinking after a while. A few extra quarters are easily obtained in this way.

How to Get Free Stuff In a Vending Machine

7. Fake Paper Coins

Many devices were created to recognize and reject counterfeit paper coins, but you won’t know if they work until you put them to the test.

You can use this trick to get a free candy or drink; it functions similarly to the tin foil or tape trick. If you want to test this trick, you’ll need an outdated computer. Additionally, you can use vehicle meter machines to perform this trick.

8. Trick Conveyor Belt Soda Machines

If you adore Coke, you can con beverage dispensers using a conveyor belt. Pick a beverage after inserting some cash into the machine. As soon as you’re finished, insert your hand into the device and push against the door. You can keep doing it until you have all the drinks you require, and it will give you your money back.

9. Keep Drinks From Reaching The Dispense Tray Scale

Make sure that none of your beverages touch the scale on the tray. For newer machines, this is a fantastic tip. Follow these tips to get your free drink:

  • Pick your drink
  • Get a drink before it reaches the bottom by placing your hand on the dispensing tray’s top scale.
  • Enter a different selection or click on the refund button depending on what you want

How Effective Are Vending Machine Hacks?

Vending machine hacks do indeed work. Some hackers view it as a challenge, whereas others only do it out of convenience. These days’ vending machines are more durable and challenging to damage. Older vending machines are better if you’re looking for hacking opportunities.

What Are The Trends In Vending Machines Right Now?

The world’s vending machines won’t ever look the same, according to a number of trends. It will continue to change, just like everything else. They’re inexpensive alternatives to delivering food and beverages to individuals anywhere.

Dispensing medications and special diets are now common uses for vending machines, which were once only used to sell inexpensive foods and beverages. Vending machines have a long history that dates back to ancient times and will continue to be a significant part of human history for a very long time.

As of late, vending machines have been shown to both directly and indirectly contribute to global obesity. The food and beverages that are offered in vending machines are changing as a result of this.

As a result, many vending machines now offer fruits and vegetables instead of soda and chips. In many cities and nations around the world, it has been mandated that more than 40% of vending machines offer healthy food and drink options.

Additionally, a distinction is made between having a full schedule and being lazy, two significant reasons why people favor using vending machines. According to a survey, more than 40% of millennials and the same percentage of working adults are simply too busy to make meals at home.

Vending machine use has been somewhat impacted by the availability of online and mobile ordering platforms for food and beverages. For faster delivery, food and drink preparation has been sped up thanks to online mobile application ordering. Faster than before, restaurants now rely on the use of vending machines to retrieve snacks, drinks, and other food items.


When receiving free items from a vending machine, your security and well-being are of the utmost importance. But if you don’t mind a little risk, these suggestions might be worthwhile.

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