How to Move a Vending Machine – Step By Step Guide

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The challenge of vending machine transportation may arise after a business owner chooses the ideal vending machine. You might think that you can move this quickly on your own, but that would be dangerous. This is because vending machine dimensions are so large that they are nearly impossible to transport on your own.

The typical weight range for vending machines is 400 to 900 pounds. It is dangerous for both you and your machine to use your strength without the right equipment and transport knowledge.

What You Must Know Before Moving A Vending Machine By Yourself

The weight of vending machines varies between 400 lbs. to 900 lbs. when empty – that is, when they are not stocked. For individuals with little or no experience moving loads of this magnitude, their physical transportation between two locations is a true challenge due to their extreme bulkiness and weight.

Still, if you must move a vending machine without professional assistance, then you can still tackle that seemingly mammoth task as long as

  • You have the necessary vending machine moving equipment /see below/,
  • Have secured at least one, preferably two reliable helpers, and
  • You possess a natural inclination to follow step-by-step moving instructions.

Although moving a vending machine is not particularly difficult, you must abide by a few fundamental safety precautions to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. We’ll go into great detail on the safest and simplest way to move a vending machine so that you don’t risk serious injury to yourself or those helping you, or expensive damage to the machine itself.

How To Prepare The Machine For Moving

The empty weight of the vending machine is probably in the range of 400 to 900 lbs, making it far too difficult to move by yourself or without the right tools. Before the movers show up, you should empty the machine of the treats and cash inside to lighten the load. They will be prepared to move the machine safely when they show up with several movers, the necessary tools, and a strategy in place. By taking the necessary precautions, trained professionals will be able to prevent hurting themselves or the machines.

How to Move a Vending Machine

Steps To Take When Transporting A Vending Machine

If you must move a vending machine without professional assistance, you can still do so successfully by following this process:

Step 1: Seek Assistance

Never, under any circumstances, try to move a vending machine by yourself. Ask a few people you know who have moved vending machines before for help, even if professional assistance is not available. You can start the proper moving process once you’ve determined which one or two.

Otherwise, there’s a good chance that if you try to move the vending machine by yourself, you won’t be able to maintain the necessary balance. For instance, if your location is on a slope, you will need to have complete control of your device during the descending motion to prevent it from escaping from your grasp.

Thus, as stated in TCN Vending’s blog, our team firmly believes that “two heads are better: one to see the direction and check on the machine constantly.”

Step 2: Familiarise The Vending Machine Moving Equipment

From heavy-duty hand trucks to furniture follies, all professional movers have a list of moving supplies to move any vending machine. You can have complete control over the moving process by using these tools to help you carry the weight of the devices.

Here are some tools to help you guarantee a safe and smooth moving experience:


This type of forklift, intended for horizontal transportation, is among the most basic types. It is a useful tool for moving large vending machines and minimizing body strains because the slot underneath the tool is made to raise and lower the load.


Because the wrong kind of adhesive was used, there have been reports of torn boxes and machines with scratches. As a result, protecting the vending machine with the right adhesion can prevent damage.

Choosing the right tape for transportation should be your first step. Then take into account additional elements like the tensile strength, distance, vending machine weight, and packaging material.

Step 3: Adhere To Proper Moving Guidelines

To maintain the flow of the relocation even without the expertise of professionals, do this:


Slip-resistant footwear can help prevent falls and trips, especially on slippery or wet surfaces that you might come across while moving. It is advised to wear closed, highly traction-enhancing anti-slip shoes when operating heavy vending machines.


Always have a measuring device on hand. Check the machine’s dimensions to make sure it will fit through every opening. Afterward, measure the doorways and hallways as well before wheeling the machine inside or outside. Measure both the horizontal and vertical spaces as well because during the relocation process your device might need to be raised off the ground.


You can only imagine how much heavier the machine will be if it is filled with various goods, cash, and coins. Empty the vending machine in order to lose weight.

You might think it takes work and time to put it back. The time it takes to put the items back is negligible in comparison to the money and time lost because of broken items, spilled liquid, and burst snacks.


Put the electric cable inside the machine’s compartment if one exists. Using packing tape, wrap the cable in an arch shape around the machine’s back if there isn’t a designated compartment to prevent coiling. If not, you run the risk of tripping over a power cord that is lying around.

The next step is to educate yourself on how to use each tool from beginning to end now that you have everything you need for the move. You can learn more by reading TCN Vending’s blog posts with advice on how to transport vending machines safely.

Step 4: Contact A Professional Vending Machine Transport Service

Please do not hesitate to contact a company like TCN Vending if you and your assistant are having trouble understanding the instructions.

After choosing to do it with someone, this might be your last option, but it is not a pointless endeavor. Getting expert assistance lowers the possibility of property damage, protecting your company.


Vending machine relocation is a challenging task that is best left to experts. Moving vending machines can be very challenging without expert assistance. They can be difficult to relocate successfully because they are so heavy and bulky. That is why hiring experienced movers is always the best choice.

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