How To Hem Pants By Sewing Machine In The Easy Way

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How can you hem jeans using a sewing machine even if you don’t know how to sew? Here are some internal sewing machine tips and step-by-step directions that demonstrate how to simply curl pants with a sewing machine when you don’t want to or can’t afford to.

Tools You Need To Hem Pants

  • Tailor’s chalk or chalk
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Fabric thread

How to Hem Pants with a Sewing Machine?

Step 1: put on your pants and measure your size. Try to put on several pairs of shoes with different heel heights and find a suitable choice.

Step 2: after finding the length you like, mark the two seams outside the pants with tailor’s chalk. Draw a straight line with chalk and ruler.

Step 3: use a ruler to measure 1/2 inch from the chalk line to mark your first turn.

Step 4: go down another 1/2 inch and mark your seam allowance as the line you cut to create a new hem.

Step 5: cut the bottom mark (seam allowance) with sharp scissors.

Hem Pants By Sewing Machine

Step 6: take an iron and press it until half an inch. Place the straight hem along the front and back of the hem to maintain stability.

Step 7: start from the side seam, roll inward and fix. Make sure the side seams are aligned and the stitches are on the outside so that they can be pulled during sewing.

Step 8: repeat with the other leg.

Step 9: find a thread that is similar in color to the original suture. Adjust the stitch length on the sewing machine, put down the needle, pull out the needle, make a reverse stitch, and then go. Note: when using stretched materials, please use materials with long stitching length to stretch easily.

Step 10: for side seams, use the handwheel to slowly pass through the thicker fabric.

How Long Should Your Pants Be?

The correct hem allowance varies according to the type of pants, the shoes that match the pants, and the preferences of the wearer. “Just right” may be different for different people.

Formal pants or casual pants must not touch the floor, otherwise the hem will wear and become uneven. The rule of thumb is that when people wear shoes, change the pants so that their back is about 1/2 inch off the ground.

Of course, people have different preferences. A woman I helped wanted her jeans to slide across the floor in high heels. Make sure you have a mirror at hand (near the floor) so that the wearer can see the length.

Before starting, it may be helpful to use a seam ripper to unravel the original hem. This is my favorite seamer – it’s sharp, fast and easy to remove the existing hem. If the original hem is removed, be sure to press out any creases to avoid affecting the fixation of the new hem.

Whether you are going to sew the hem with a sewing machine or use the simple blind sewing hem I will demonstrate with step-by-step photos, you need to follow the first four steps below.

How to Hand Hem Pants

  • Step 1

If you can’t use the sewing machine, don’t panic! We’ll show you how to hem your pants with your hands, which is really easy to do.

To sew the trouser legs by hand, thread them first, and then tie a knot at the other end. Place the needle in the hem and pass through the top edge of the hem to hide the knot.

  • Step 2

Create a blind hem by making a small seam on the outside of the pants, then pushing the needle back to the hem and making a long seam on the inside. This ensures that few lines are visible from the front. I used contrasting lines so that I could see them clearly in the photos, but it was difficult to see the matching lines.

You’re done! Now you know how to sew pants by hand and how to sew pants with a sewing machine. This is a very useful skill, and you will use it again and again.


You can try utilizing a normal straight seam, such as a sewing machine, to put the new hem in place if you don’t want to sew the trousers’ hem by hand. To present a professional image, keep the seams uniform and straight. You can operate a blind sewing machine if you are familiar with the various sewing machine stitches. The style is comparable to the hand-sewed version. Although seamless is frequently not a practical long-term fix, there are numerous kinds of tape made specifically for crimping. Others are tape peeled, while some are ironed. Before utilizing these materials, make sure you read and abide by the manufacturer’s instructions.