North Star Pressure Washers – Everything You Should Know

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The NorthStar Water pressure washer has a longer lifespan and is more effective at cleaning grease than many other industrial pressure washers. You can accomplish a lot of cleaning tasks with it thanks to the engine’s and pump’s features designed to increase the washer’s lifespan, such as ceramic plungers and thermal protection.

What Are Northstar Pressure Washers

Each brand-new NorthStar Electric Pressure Washer has Total Start/Stop technology, which starts the motor and pumps automatically when the trigger is pulled and shuts them down when it is released. Because motors are not left running when people are actively spraying, this starts/stop technology prevents hazardous heat buildup and harm to the pump and seals. High-efficiency motors with dynamically balanced rotors are used in each pressure washer to ensure low vibration, quiet operation, and long-life performance.

Professionals and business users can benefit from the new Northern Tool electric cold-water pressure washers, which come in both portable and stationary models with higher flow rates (up to 4.0 GPM). Three of the four stationary units in the line are housed in sturdy steel enclosures that mount to walls or floors for maximum versatility. These enclosures also include storage compartments for the hose, nozzles, and lance, a reinforced gusseted steel base, which helps to reduce vibration when the stationary units are in use.

About Northstar

The Northern Tool company, based in Minnesota, United States, was established in 1981, and it owns and distributes the NorthStar brand of outdoor power equipment. The brand offers air compressors, pressure washers, generators, and log splitters. NorthStar pressure washers are designed, built, and tested in the United States and are powered by Honda engines, despite the fact that many of the components are produced in Northern Tool’s factory in China. Numerous accessories are also included, as well as hot water, cold water, and soft-wash systems. The majority of Northern Tool’s product line is made up of items under the NorthStar brand.

The GX160 engine from Honda, which is incredibly dependable and well-proven, powers the NorthStar pressure washer. The lifespan of the horizontal shaft engine in the GX160 is five times greater than that of a typical vertical shaft engine. With a low-oil shut-off and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, the 163cc GX160 is dependable and quiet. The Cat direct-drive triplex pump, which is of comparable quality, is paired with the commercial-grade engine. A forged brass manifold with thermal protection and ceramic plungers for longer seal life is included in the high-end Cat pump. A 50-foot high-pressure, non-marking industrial hose and a 3-foot lance with five different “quick couple” nozzles or “tips” are included with the NorthStar pressure washer.” Automatic applications of soap or degreaser are possible with a downstream chemical injector. A four-year consumer and two-year commercial warranty that is the best in the business is also included with the NorthStar pressure washer.

Accessories Of Northstar Pressure Washer

Honda Engine W/ Heater

Powered by gas and featuring a Honda engine, the NorthStar is a pressure washer. A coil assembly that is enclosed and situated inside a combustion chamber produces hot water. This chamber can heat water to a temperature of 250 degrees at a pressure of 3000 PSI for use as steam or a stream of water. It is built to operate at lower temperatures to help save on fuel.

Cat 66dx Triplex Plunger Pump

A good commercial pressure washer pump should last for ten years or longer. The pump on the NorthStar is a Triplex Plunger pump with heat-resistant ceramic plungers and a chemical injector for flexible cleaning. The Triplex Plunger design aims to increase the pump’s lifespan and shield it from typical wear and tear so that it can withstand repeated vigorous use.

Spray Gun

The spray gun on the NorthStar is a rear hose-entry gun that emits water and steam at a pressure of 3000 PSI. It is made of steel-braided rubber and has six nozzles that are simple to attach to the hose. the 0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, and 40-degree, You get more nozzles with this pressure washer than you would with most other pressure washers, giving you even more flexibility and control over your cleaning approach.

North Star Pressure Washers

How Do North Star Pressure Washers Perform?

This pressure washer excels in every area. Although leaky hose connections and challenging starting are now a thing of the past, we’ve all dealt with less expensive, lighter-duty pressure washers used by consumers. Every time the Honda engine in the NorthStar unit starts, it does so in one or two pulls. Both ends of the 50-foot hose have good seals, as does the hose connection to the pump. Another significant benefit of washing today’s larger UTVs is the 50-foot hose. A 50-footer allows you to work all the way around without having to reset, whereas a typical 25-footer requires you to drag the unit around both sides of your machine to finish the job. The NorthStar unit is a beast as well when it comes to cleaning ability. 3.0 GPM, which has a higher flow rate, and 3000 psi, which allows you to blast through even the toughest grime, are both very effective. The five different tips—including a 0-degree power tip for the mud that sticks to your Beadlock rings or even grease—come in handy. For seats that you don’t want to tear or exterior plastic, the more diffused tips are ideal. One muddy moto in our race RZR can easily consume a $20 roll of quarters at the car wash in cleaning up. Without requiring you to continuously supply it with quarters, the NorthStar pressure washer provides you with greater cleaning volume and pressure. The fuel tank itself lasts surprisingly long, in fact. You can clean for almost an hour with a $3 gallon of gas.

The Quality Of Engines & Motors Used

Due to the higher quality electric motors and pumps used by North Star pressure washers, they are more expensive than the typical brand. The Honda GC and GX engines are the same as those used by other brands.

  • Gas engines

The Honda GC and GX engines—GC for residential use and GX for commercial use—are both available. GX engine power washers will set you back at least $700.
Engines made by Briggs & Stratton called Vanguard are the company’s commercial engine and are its response to the “GX.”
The higher-quality Honda GX is the machine type used by NorthStar the most. There is only one GC and one Vanguard to be found. This is advantageous for you because the GX has a long lifespan and is trustworthy.

  • Electric motors

Every piece of electric equipment uses an induction motor from the Leeson brand. There are no concerns because it is a top-notch industrial motor.

The Advantages Of Northstar Pressure Washers

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

You can shop with complete confidence knowing that Northern Tool + Equipment will protect your investment and is available to offer you any support or useful resources you require.

  • Superior Service and Support

Assistance is only a phone call or emails away if you ever need service or support. The technical staff at NorthStar is available to assist you. Our skilled in-store service department handles all repairs in-house for convenience. The day after your order is received, replacement parts are in stock at our Northern Tool + Equipment warehouse and ready to ship.

  • Durability and Protection

Using the best components and materials available, NorthStar pressure washers are made to last. We back our product with a one-year limited warranty to give you additional peace of mind.

The Weaknesses Of Northstar Pressure Washers

The NorthStar costs more than a cold water pressure washer because it uses hot water. The additional cost for the NorthStar may be worthwhile if you frequently clean grease-based messes. There are models with less power that are more affordable if you only need cold water.


A sturdy, maneuverable steel cart houses the NorthStar pressure washer. The 1 3/8-inch steel-tubing cart houses and safeguards the various parts, and its 10-inch pneumatic tires and handy handle make it easier to move around.

An engine, a pump, and a frame with wheels support the components of a pressure washer. Other than for service or warranty, the brand name on the sticker—in this case, Northstar—is irrelevant.