How to Use Bissell Little Green Machine In Simple Ways

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Although Bissell Little Green Machine is a portable carpet cleaner and interior decorator, it does employ suction to remove bothersome stains, including ones that have been fixed when using Bissell little green machine.

Although each edition of the Bissell Little Green Machine has a slightly different design, they all have essentially the same Bissell Little Green Machine instructions. Each little green ProHeat gadget has two water tanks: one holds fresh water and cleaning solution, and the other holds dirty water that is recovered after carpet cleaning or water-washing interior décor when using Bissell little green machine. Some types also come with different cleaning tools attached to the hose’s end, which makes it simpler to pinpoint clogs in particular trouble spots, like stairways.

What is Bissell Little Green Machine?

Unlike other carpet cleaners, Bissell little green machine can be easily stored in a closet or shelf and you may suffer from the little green machine won’t spray water problem when using Bissell little green machine. In New York City, storage space is very valuable, so it’s incredible to have something small enough to put in my wardrobe, but strong enough to deal with puppy stains and daily spills.

In addition, the price of Bissell little green machine is less than $200, which is quite affordable for the cleaning ability it advertises. Other full-size cleaners cost as much as $400, and I don’t want to pay for things I only use Bissell little green machine when I really need them.

How Does Bissell Little Green Machine Work?

Bissell little green machine can suck out the coffee stains on the car seat years ago, wipe the pet garbage on the carpet, and even decorate the dirty furniture interior like magic. Although I don’t often spray water or dirty things, accidents always happen. Sometimes a rag and some oxyclean spray can’t cut it at all.

It’s good to have a full-size carpet cleaner in my apartment, but it’s not feasible. I don’t have enough space to store it, and I won’t use Bissell little green machine often to ensure that I pay the price. I thought about renting carpet cleaner from a hardware store, but then I was happy to drag it home on the subway. When you need to deal with stains as soon as possible, it is useless. Sometimes it may take several days to book a larger machine and take it home. Bissell little green machine is the perfect solution for small apartments and sundries, and its price is less than $200.

How to Use Bissell Little Green Machine?

Bissell little green machine is a little larger than a manual vacuum cleaner and weighs about 10 pounds, but it is easy to carry smaller stains around your house or apartment. It has two water tanks connected to the actual machine, one for cleaning the mixture of water and solution, and the other for collecting the dirty water sucked by the machine from anything you are cleaning.

Bissell little green machine is like a small wet vacuum cleaner, except that it actually sprays liquid and sucks it back. To spray liquid, use the nozzle attachment at the end of the hose. There is a trigger on Bissell little green machine, which will spray cleaning liquid when pressed. Then, you run the nozzle on the wet area you spray, and it will suck out the dirty liquid and deposit it in the dirty water tank.

Using a hose, I sprayed the cleaning solution, gently scrubbed the top of the footstool with the brush on the nozzle, and then began to suck away the (now dirty) solution with a vacuum cleaner. Let me tell you: that Osman must have seen the spill I have long forgotten. I watched in surprise as the brown water flowed into the dirty water tank.

How to Assemble Bissell Little Green Machine?

Although the host of any little green machine is pre assembled, you may need to connect the hose clamp and wire wrap to the base before using the device for the first time. The hose clamp is installed in the slot on the bottom front of little green machine. On models such as 5207 series, this part is clamped in place.

Some Bissell little green machine models (such as 1425 Series) also have hose storage brackets attached to the back of the base unit. To install this part, align the screw hole on the bracket with the hole on the device. Insert the attached screws and tighten them with a Phillips screwdriver.

On the 5207 series, this part can be clamped in place without screws. Some models also have a separate tool clip that can be clipped into the hose storage bracket or the little green machine base unit.

Key Points of Using Bissell Little Green Machine

All Bissell little green machine equipment is designed to use a combination of water and little green cleaning formula. Lift the water/solution tank from the base and fill it with hot tap water to the marked water line. If you are not sure which tank is which tank, the cleaning tank is always the tank with water and formula line. Fill up the remaining part of the tank or fill the specified formula line with little green formula.

On some models, such as the 1725 series, the formula appears first. In these models, the formula line is closest to the bottom and the water line is close to the top of the water tank. In either case, after filling the water tank, snap the cover or cap back into place, and then snap the water tank into position on the base unit.

  1. Pretreatment of stubborn stains

After the water tank is filled with cleaning fluid and water, the efficiency of the little green machine is improved by pretreatment of stains and dry spills. If you have not yet released the power cord and hose from the little green machine, then plug the device in and turn it on. Connect the required local cleaning tool to the end of the flexible hose when using Bissell little green machine. Place the tool a few inches above the point, then press the trigger on the hose and spray the point with a cleaning mixture. Wait five minutes before continuing.

Bissell Little Green Machine
  1. Clean spots and stains

Choose the cleaning tool that is most suitable for this job, such as the triangle tool for the corner of carpeted stairs when using Bissell little green machine. Connect the tool to the hose and press the tool directly on the area to be cleaned. Press the trigger on the hose to release some cleaning solution while pulling the cleaning tool towards you, and then release the trigger. Repeat this operation for heavily polluted areas.

If using a cleaning tool with a brush, brush the area without pressing the trigger to help remove dirt and debris. Check the position as many times as necessary and pull the tool towards you to suck out the water in the area you are cleaning. If the area still looks dirty, please clean it again at any time.

  1. Machine maintenance after cleaning

After cleaning Bissell little green machine, turn off the power supply of the small green machine, unplug the power cord, and then pour the dirty water tank into the water tank. If you want to clean a large area, you may need to empty the water tank during cleaning, once the water tank is fully filled. Flush the water tank and reconnect it to the base. Wrap the power cord around the power cord bracket, remove the cleaning tool from the flexible hose, and then rewind the hose onto the bracket on the little green machine.


Bissell little green machine is not perfect, because a little lint and hair will get stuck in the nozzle, your little green machine won’t spray water and cannot be disassembled for cleaning. But we can remove the nozzle from the hose to flush the connection, but I can’t reach the gap near the nozzle at all. I worry that it will only continue to gather there, which may affect its future performance. However, before this situation really happens, I will continue to brainstorm and discuss how to clean it up. The machine is equipped with a trial bottle of cleaning liquid, so you must buy another bottle when you use it up. I will definitely continue to use Bissell little green machine to clean up spills, puppy accidents and mysterious stains around the house.