Does Walmart Have Coin Machine – How To Use It?

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Unquestionably, one of the biggest retailers in the world today is Walmart. The business is renowned for giving its clients excellent products and services.

So, among other things, you must have been looking for a coin machine at Walmart. Does Walmart offer Coinstar? Stop waiting and start reading this article to find the details you need!

Does Walmart Have Coinstar?

Yes, this store has everything you need if you’re looking for a coin machine. Near the cash registers in most places, there is at least one.

The machines accept your adjustments and have a $2,000 cap. If you want to avoid being charged an 11.9% fee as well as receiving a free gift card, then choose the “free gift card” option instead of cash or credit card.

What is a Coinstar Machine?

In the simplest terms, Coinstar is a piece of machinery that allows you to turn your loose change into regular paper money, gift cards, and other items that can be donated to various charities. Coinstar uses a coin counter that levies a fee for the “coin to banknote” conversion.

The Coinstar Exchange, a gift card exchange, is run by a coin corporation. There are Coinstar kiosks in the front of the store, between the cash registers and the exit/entrance.

The business offers a range of services from over 60,000 kiosks spread across the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Additionally, Coinstar produces prepaid credit card terminals and e-payment kiosks.

How Does The Coin Machine At Walmart Work?

It’s really simple and enjoyable to use a Coinstar coin machine. The machine has a large metal tray into which you can gradually pour your loose change. The tray has a handle so you can lift it and start pouring coins into the machine through a small slot.

Coins are mechanically sorted and counted as they are fed into the device. You can view the total of your change as the machine counts on the digital display.

The machine will take a few seconds to catch up once you have put all of your change into it. The machine will sort your coins while you can hear them, and when it is finished, it will ask you if you have any additional changes to add.

Does Walmart Have Coin Machine

How Do I Use A Walmart Coin Machine?

Take your cash out first, then go to the shop and insert it into the Walmart change machine. Utilizing them is incredibly simple.

Once all of your money has been counted, start slowly and carefully feeding them into the device’s tray.

Wait for an official receipt to print out with the total once your money has been read (the Walmart coin counter will tell you how many).

When you present the customer service desk with your printed receipt, they will immediately give you cash!

How Much Does It Cost To Use a Coinstar Machine At Walmart?

Machines like Coinstar currently have a usage fee. You will currently be charged a fee equal to about 11.9 percent of the coin value you are converting. You can anticipate paying about $12 for a total coin worth about $100. As a result, when your transaction is complete, you will get $82.

How Can I Avoid The Walmart Coinstar Machine Fee?

It’s impossible to avoid the Walmart change machine fee. Receiving money is frequently the best option for most people. But if you choose one of these two alternatives, the additional fee will be waived, allowing you to fully utilize your funds.

Accepting money in the form of an eGift Card from any of the Coinstar-affiliated retailers is the simplest way to avoid paying the fee at any Coinstar machine.

You can also avoid these fees by taking your coins to your bank instead. Banks do not, however, accept loose change, so you must roll and sort your coins before taking them to the bank to get cash.

Are There Any Alternatives To Coinstar Machines? 

If there is a store nearby, this service is useful, but not everyone is so fortunate. Fortunately, there are different choices.

You can consider visiting a local bank or credit union near you. If you are not a member of these places, you might be asked to pay an additional fee, but most of the time it is free.

While there may be a fee for non-members, the majority of these institutions offer the service for free.

Which Walmart Stores Are Equipped With Coinstar Machines?

The majority of Walmart stores across the nation have Coinstar machines. However, not all stores carry them. Customers can use the specialized “Find A Kiosk” service tool from Coinstar on their computer or mobile device to search for the Coinstar machine that is closest to them by entering their zip code.

Additionally, they can discover whether Coinstar machines are available at any nearby Walmart stores.


There are coin machines at Walmart, though not all of them. When deciding whether to use them or not, keep in mind that there is an additional fee involved. Visit the Coinstar website to learn more about how it all works and where to find one near you.