Can You Put Crocs In The Washing Machine? You Need Know

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Yes, you may wash your Crocs with cold water in the washing machine. In fact, if you wish to clean your Crocs in the washing machine, this is the suggested temperature.

When you use warm or hot water to wash your Crocs, there is a chance that they will shrink since heat shrinks them.

Cleaning your Crocs in the washing machine is a bit complicated since if done incorrectly, it may not only spoil your Crocs but may also harm the machine.


Can You Put Crocs in the Washing Machine?

Yes, however you must follow the guidelines below to avoid ruining your shoes. So, if you’ve concluded that your Crocs are simply too dirty to wash by hand, you might want to try cleaning them in the washing machine.

It is critical that the water temperature never exceeds 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). Anything exceeding this risked destroying your shoes.

Remember that shoes made of canvas or leather should never be washed in a washing machine, even at low temperatures.

Choose the “soft cycle” option to maintain your water at the right temperature. This setting on most washing machines should keep the water temperature between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

As an added bonus, if you have brightly colored Crocs, you will keep the colors from fading or transferring when they get wet.

And it uses less energy than hot water, so you don’t have to feel bad about washing a single pair of shoes with an entire load of water.

You should also switch off the washing machine’s “spin dry” feature. The force of whirling so fast might ruin your shoes.

If there are any steam drying features, these should also be turned off because they heat up the area.

Can Crocs be washed in a washing machine with cold water?

Yes, is the quick answer. Many people believe that washing crocs at the maximum temperature setting is the greatest method to keep your garments and shoes clean. This, however, is not the case.

High temperatures may easily fade the colors of your shoes and garments. Furthermore, it is quite costly due to the high energy usage.

Lower temperatures or cold water are also effective for cleaning your shoes. All you have to do is use the right detergent and follow the instructions on the machine.

A washing machine has a cold water setting that may go as low as 20°C, however most washing machines go up to 30°C.

Crocs, as previously stated, are constructed of croslite polymer, which is temperature sensitive. As a result, you should only wash the crocs in cold water and dry them on automatic heaters.

When exposed to hot water, the polymer softens and might shrink or grow in size, making it challenging to fit.

Furthermore, putting cold water on the crocs saves money as compared to washing at high temperatures. 

Can Baking Soda and Vinegar Be Used to Clean Crocs?

Although Croslite foam is meant to withstand stains and odors, Crocs can still stink after a time, especially if used often outside.

Washing them with mild soap and water may not be enough to remove the stench in this scenario. Even machine washing will not always remove the disagreeable odor.

If you discover that your shoes require treatment with a solution meant to remove odors, you’ll be relieved to hear that baking soda and vinegar will do the trick.

For decades, this traditional power cleaning combination has been used to deodorize and remove stains from a wide range of household products.

To clean Crocs, just use one part baking soda and one part white vinegar (never use apple cider or rice vinegar!) as well as two parts water

Apply the paste on the Crocs and fully coat them. Allow them to sit for up to 30 minutes before properly washing everything off. Place them in a well-ventilated area to dry—vinegar can have a strong odor in a compact, enclosed environment.

How Do You Wash Crocs In The Washing Machine?

1. Understand your Crocs Material

Crocs come in a variety of styles, including Clogs, Slides, and Shoes. Despite the fact that most Crocs are constructed of the trademark CrosLite Foam Material and the new LiteRide Material, both are synthetic materials.

However, there are a handful that are blended with natural leather components.

When using a washing machine to clean your Crocs, only use Synthetic materials.

When you put a natural material, such as leather, in your washing machine, it absorbs the water, causing it to fold and finally break.

Crocs with a fuzzy lining in the insoles for a nice and comfy look. The liner must be separated or removed and washed separately.

2. Cover with a towel

Before you put the Crocs in the washing machine, wrap them in a towel to produce a buffering effect for your Crocs so the machine’s whirling agitator blades don’t shred or harm your Crocs.

If your Crocs get caught between the blades, both the Crocs and the blades may be damaged. There’s no need in harming your washing machine only to clean your Crocs, so take the necessary precautions.

3. Place your Crocs in the washer  only one pair at a time

If you wish to clean numerous Crocs, put them in the washing machine one at a time to avoid crowding the machine and causing the agitator to become stuck.

It is common knowledge that there is limited room in your washing machine, regardless of size.

You can try it if you have a large washing machine that can possibly handle more than one.

It is, however, advised that you take your time.

4. Softly and gently wash your Crocs.

When configuring the washing machine, be sure you select the “mild” wash option. While in this mode, your Crocs are less likely to be damaged or discolored.

It may be necessary to run it for a prolonged amount of time in order for it to clean adequately. Because your Crocs are thick and inflexible, unlike garments that compress readily.

If the agitators spin too rapidly while the machine is churning, a blockage may form. There was no joke intended.

5. Make use of chilly water.

The most crucial element is to remember to use cold water while cleaning your Crocs in the washing machine.

Rubber expands when heated, and the CrosLite and LiteRide Foam materials are similar to synthetic rubber.

As a result, when you wash your Crocs in hot water, the heat expands it, changing the form or damaging your pair of Crocs.

Simply cold-wash them and you’re set.

6. After washing, allow to air dry.

You may be tempted to use the dryer to dry your Crocs after cleaning them, however the dryer draws moisture using heat through convection.

Remember that heat expands and may harm your Crocs if you put them in the dryer.

After washing, all you need to do is wipe the water away with a dry cloth, then leave it out in the open for a few minutes to dry entirely.

Keep out of direct sunlight.


Like other material possessions and personal goods, if you want them to last and serve you, you must take good care of them and perform regular maintenance; the same concept applies to your Crocs.

You should clean your Crocs after each usage, and if they’re not too dirty, you can just wipe the dirt away with a moist towel.

When you need to fully clean your Crocs and want to use a washing machine, make sure you take the necessary precautions by following the rules I provided above.

If you don’t want to enlarge your Crocs, cold water cleaning is the only way to go.

If you want to be safe, or if you have control issues and want to keep things in your own hands.

You can always handwash your Crocs; just make sure you use the right brush or sponge so you don’t damage or wrinkle them by using an extremely abrasive and coarse sponge.

Also, use the detergent that is most suited to the material of your Crocs; using the incorrect detergent may cause your Crocs to discolor.

If all of these processes seem excessively time-consuming. Pay a person; not everything needs to be done by hand.

When you correctly maintain your Crocs by employing the finest cleaning procedures, your Crocs will always appear new and will last longer.

If you have other problems with washing machines, welcome to check the following guides!