Who Makes Bad Boy Tractors – Engines Types

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A South Korean OEM company, Kukje Machinery Company, has agreed to work with the colorful lawn mower manufacturer Bad Boy Mowers to begin selling sub-compact and compact tractors. Beginning early in the following year, Bad Boy’s nationwide dealerships will start selling the small tractors alongside its line of industrial and domestic lawn mowers, which also includes push, walk-behind, and zero-turn models.

Who makes bad boy tractors is a common question. The Kukje Machinery Company is the answer if you’re asking the same thing. To sell compact and subcompact tractors, Kukje Machinery Company and Bad Boy Mowers signed an OEM agreement in 2020.

Exactly Whose Bad Boy Tractors Are They?

Like many other people, if you have the question, “who builds bad boy tractors?” then you need to know that the The Bad Boy tractors are produced by Kukje Machinery Company. In fact, they manufacture the new Bad Boy Tractors because in 2020 they signed an OEM agreement with the Bad Boy Mower. The Kukje Machinery Company will provide 22–35 HP tractors to the Bad Boy Mower Company for the ensuing 7 years in accordance with the contract.

The Kukje Machinery company and the bad boy mowers company both announced plans to sell compact and subcompact tractors in 2020. Additionally, they disclosed that beginning in 2021, the small tractors would be offered for sale at their nationwide dealerships alongside the Bad Boy Mowers company’s line of residential and commercial mowers, including walk-behind, zero-turn, and push models.

This leads to the conclusion that Kukje Machinery is the manufacturer of the new “bad boy” tractors. At that time, the Bad Boy Mowers company’s CEO Phil Pulley said,

Bad Boy Tractors Impressive Features

All contemporary farmers desire and need Bad Boy tractors. Each model includes a front-end loader with a class-leading lifting capacity, an impressive and sophisticated dashboard with PTO engagement that puts all the power and performance at your fingertips, and convenient latches to quickly and easily swap the bucket for other attachments. Additionally, you’ll be driving a better-looking tractor while relaxing in your comfortable driver’s seat.

You should visit Independence County Off Road to see some Bad Boy tractors in person. Additionally, bring your equipment to our service department so we can get it back up and running. We’re in Batesville, Arkansas, and we also help people from Newport.

Which Type Of Engine Does A Bad Boy Tractor Have?

The 20 series 2024H model bad boy tractor has a very long lifespan. Its diesel engine has three cylinders and is water-cooled. The engine is a little heavier than comparable engines and has 24 horsepower. A 25-horsepower high-performance diesel engine powers the 40 series 4025H model bad boy tractor. The frame of this tractor is the largest among its competitors, and its engine is a 3-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine.

What Business Manufactures Bad Boy Mowers?

The Kukje Machinery company creates the Bad Boy Mowers, so if you’re wondering who makes bad boy lawn tractors, you should know that. Tong Yang Moolsan (TYM) is the organization that is its parent. The Kukje Machinery company began producing Bad Boy Mowers in 2020 after entering into a contract with the Bad Boy Mowers firm. The Bad Boy Mowers were previously produced by the ABB company.

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Things To Know About The Kukje Machinery Company

Tong Yang Moolsan (TYM) owns the Kukje Machinery business. This business was started in 1968 and is based in South Korea. We discovered that the mother company of the distributor Branson Tractors is how most American customers refer to it.

The Kukje Machinery company, on the other hand, manufactures tractors, combined harvesters, and other agricultural tools. Many branded tractors are produced by Tong Yang Moolsan (TYM). They produced the Cabelas tractors, which were available on the market a few years ago.

They also manufacture the RK Tractors that Rural King is currently selling. TYM has produced many different brands of branded tractors over the years, including Charger, Branson, Millennium, Montan, and Century. For a brief period of time, they were also producing some of the Mahindra’s tractors for them.

History Of The Bad Boy Mower Company

Arkansas’s Batesville serves as the corporate headquarters for Bad Boy Mower. This company was established in 1998. It has always wished to produce the highest-quality zero-turn lawnmowers in the world. In 2002, the Bad Boy Mower business produced its first mower. At the Lawn and Garden Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, they displayed this mower, which was recognized as the Best New Product.

Since then, this business has increased manufacturing by a factor of two each year and constructed a new structure to accommodate demand from its clients. Presently, one of the world’s fastest growing zero-turn mower manufacturers is the Bad Boy Mower.

If you want to know who bought bad boy mowers, then you need to know that the In 2019, Sterling Group made a significant investment in the Bad Boy Mower business. To complete their buyout, they provided the Bad Boy Mower company with a $205 million, 6-year term loan.


an affordable 26,000 sq. ft. to a massive area of 45,74,000 sq. ft., it has been an excellent turnover for one of the world’s leading zero-turn mower manufacturers. It only took a little more than 15 years for it to overtake other zero-turn mower manufacturers in the world. Yes, we are referring to the Bad Boy Mower organization. Everyone wants to purchase the excellent tractors that they sell.

So, it is not surprising that you may want to know who makes bad boy tractors. On the internet, it can be challenging to find the answer to this query. Here are the contact details for the Bad Boy tractors’ manufacturers so that your task is made simple. We believe this article has addressed all of your questions on the subject.