Can You Add An Agitator To A Washing Machine – How to Use

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Which washer performs better, with an agitator or without one? A heated argument exists regarding washer agitators. Some people vouch for the extra strength they offer, while others find them to be more of a headache than anything else. In the end, whether to use an agitator or not depends on personal preference. While some people find that using an agitator helps their clothes come out cleaner, others discover that it just makes more noise and agitation. If you’re unsure, it might be a good idea to try both to determine which is best for you.

A machine that is not modeled with an agitator cannot have one added. You must modify the transmission as a whole to accommodate an agitator. The cost of doing this from the manufacturer is equal to the cost of purchasing a new one.

Can You Put An Agitator In A Washing Machine?

Your clothes will be thoroughly cleaned by an agitator and impeller washer. Washing machines without agitators are larger than ones that do.

Impellers are made to wash large loads and still remove dirt from your clothes. However, because they use more water, agitator washers are less effective than impeller washers.

A washing machine that was not made to have an agitator cannot have one. This is only possible from the manufacturers, and it is expensive.

Impellers are more common in contemporary machinery than agitators.

During a wash cycle, the impeller rotates, creating currents that move and rub the items of clothing in the washer against one another. With faster-spinning impellers, drying time for your clothes would be reduced.

Are Agitator-Equipped Washers Preferable To Those Without?

Making the decision between a washer with or without an agitator can be challenging. First, you might be curious as to how a washer functions without an agitator.

There are impellers in washers without agitators. During a wash cycle, the impeller rotates, causing the laundry to rub against itself, which cleans the clothes.

For the purpose of removing stains from your clothes, agitators are used in washers.

The water usage of washers without agitators is lower. They are made to use less water, which increases friction. When there is less water present, there is more friction.

They don’t vigorously wash clothes. Unlike agitator machines, which clean clothes aggressively, this machine’s impeller rotates gently.

Washing machines devoid of agitators have enough room. Contrary to machines with agitators, which require more space for the agitator, large items fit in without difficulty.

Additionally, because agitator-free dryers completely remove moisture from clothing, drying times are reduced.

However, there are a few drawbacks to washing machines without agitators. Extremely dirty clothes do not get cleaned by washers without agitators. If you follow the right steps, both machines will wash your clothes thoroughly.

Because they are kind to clothes, roomy, consume less water, and are economical to run, I heartily recommend washers without an agitator.

Can A Samsung Washing Machine Add An Agitator?

If a Samsung machine’s agitator breaks, it can be exchanged. To replace it,

  • Before moving the machine, unplug it from the outlet.
  • The inner and top agitator caps should be removed. The inner cap is located beneath the top cap. This can be accomplished with a flathead screwdriver.
  • In the event that the bolt is rusted, remove it without using oil.
  • As soon as you reach the bottom of the washer, remove the agitator’s tip with your hands and pull it up to free it from the drum.
    Retrace your steps from removing the agitator to adding it. Reinstall the agitator top and base after tying them together.
Can You Add An Agitator To A Washing Machine

How Come Washing Machines Don’t Have Agitators?

Modern washing machines have technologies that reduce the amount of water and energy used. Compared to top load washers, these machines use less water.

As a result, they use less water and energy while washing more clothes at once.

The water and energy needed to clean clothes in top-loading washers with agitators are higher. Agitators can also ruin your fabric because of how aggressively they wash, and more detergent is needed to get stains out.

Washing machines without an agitator can reduce minor wear and tear and energy consumption by up to 60%. As they don’t always come into contact with the appliance, your clothes would be in good condition.

Agitators take up a lot of room and would struggle to fit pillows and other bulky materials inside, making it impossible to clean them effectively.

Additionally, they occasionally make noise and need a large installation area. They can’t be stacked. They need to be installed side by side, and you might not be able to add a folding space.

Front-load washers are better at cleaning, use less water and energy, and don’t harm your fabrics.

Agitators are uncommon in most washing machines for the aforementioned reasons.

The Best Way To Add An Agitator To A Washing Machine

You cannot add an agitator to a machine that was not designed with one because it would make the machine unusable.

If the agitator on a top-loading agitator washer malfunctions, you will need to replace it. This may be caused by a variety of factors.

Open the lid, take off the agitator’s top cap, and then look inside for any damage—especially to the section where the transmission shaft attachment is. If it is damaged, contact a professional.

Other components like the lid switch, the directional cogs, the agitator coupler, the drive belt, the test timer, the drive motor, and the transmission should also be inspected for damage. If you discover any, have it fixed by a professional.

Can A Maytag Washing Machine Add An Agitator?

A Maytag appliance without an agitator cannot be upgraded with one. You can, however, change the agitator in your top-loading washer.


A washing machine cannot have an agitator added unless it is specifically made to have one. Washers without agitators use less water and energy and cause less harm to your clothes than washers with agitators.

They also have enough room in their drums to wash larger items. To achieve satisfactory results, be sure to load your washer according to the correct procedures.

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