How To Fix Fax Machine No Answer?

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When attempting to connect to another fax machine, your device may display a “no answer” message. You, like most others, may be wondering what this implies. We’ll explain why this happens and how to fix it.

Why is it “no response” to a fax machine?

At the destination fax number, a fax machine (or computer running fax software, an online fax service, or a fax server) must be present (and turned on). The majority of fax machines will automatically respond to faxes. Some, however, require a person to be there to respond.

To send a fax, the line must be clear so that the fax machines can communicate. The most prevalent causes of line clarity issues are the usage of VoIP phone lines (which do not perform well with fax) and normal phone lines with a lot of noise on them.

If something stops the fax call (for example, a person answering a phone on the same line as the fax) before the faxes begin communicating, the error message is “no answer.”

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Troubleshooting 1: double-check the number you entered.

The most common cause of “no answer” fax difficulties is an erroneously entered fax number.

When calling an outside line from a corporate office, a “9” or “7” must be appended to the phone number.

Check that you are dialing the call sequence correctly if you are dialing to an overseas destination. International fax numbers may be offered alongside instructions on how to call from a country other than the one from which you are dialing.

If you were using speed dial to send the fax, try sending it again by calling the fax number manually. Even though a fax number has changed, the speed dial system may still have the previous fax number.

Calling the person to whom you’re sending the fax and checking their fax number might also assist ensure that you’re using the correct fax number.

Troubleshooting 2: Examine the fax connection’s quality.

A clean line is required for a fax connection. A fax line with static or noise (either on your fax machine or the fax machine to which you’re faxing) will have difficulty sending a fax, especially one with several pages or intricate visuals.

VoIP phone lines have a negative reputation for fax compatibility. While there are several solutions, VoIP and fax are often incompatible.

How to fix the fax machine?

It may be incredibly annoying to receive a “no response” response. Especially if you need to send urgent fax. Below are some troubleshooting tips.

1. Ascertain that your fax machine is not the source of the problem.

Your fax machine may occasionally be the source of the issue. Send a test fax to a number you know works to simply test your fax machine. For example, ask a friend or coworker whether you can send a test.

If that works, the issue is not with your fax.

If it doesn’t go through, make sure the phone line is put into the correct jack and that your machine has a dial tone.

2. Check that you are dialing the correct number.

In most situations, the error message is caused by dialing the incorrect number. As a result, you must constantly double-check to ensure that the number you are faxing is correct. When calling an international fax call, you may notice that the dialing sequence differs across locations.

Though most foreign numbers have dialing instructions, it is always crucial to double-check that you are dialing the right sequence. Furthermore, you must ensure that you are dialing all of the digits necessary to access the call. You may, of course, phone the person to whom you wish to send the fax to double-check the number.

3. Quality Control for Fax Connections

The finest fax line connection is one that is clear, free of noise, and free of static. If the fax line has static or is interrupted, sending a fax will be difficult, especially if it includes several pages. A clean fax line is also required for complex images in a fax to facilitate correct message.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone lines (also known as voice over IP, VoIP, or IP telephony) are notorious for their incompatibility with fax machines.


The “no answer” error message we see while faxing might be aggravating, especially if you don’t know what’s causing it. With the ease of faxing, it is reassuring to know that there are various dependable solutions.