How to Make Air-Popped Popcorn? So Easy!

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You should probably learn how to create air popped popcorn if you want to enjoy popcorn as a healthy snack. We’ll teach you how to do it both with and without an air popper.

Popcorn is ubiquitous in American culture. We eat it at athletic events, mail each other tubs of caramel corn for the holidays, and use it as an edible ornament around the Christmas tree. Eating a bag of ultra-greasy, buttery popcorn is half the joy of going to the movies!

While microwave popcorn has been the standard in most homes, traditional ways of cooking popcorn have regained appeal. Not only that, but air poppers, which were formerly exclusively seen at carnivals and movie theaters, have decreased in size to fit on a countertop, opening up a whole new world of homemade popcorn alternatives. We’ll demonstrate how to make air popped popcorn both with and without an air popper.

What Is Air Popped Popcorn?

Although air popped popcorn may be produced in the microwave (and we’ll show you how in a moment), it’s usually done using a special gadget. Hot air is circulated around the popcorn kernels by the air popper. When the kernels reach a certain temperature, they pop, forcing them out of the popping bowl and into a storage compartment. They’re used in movie theaters and carnivals, and they used to be so big that they were impracticable for household usage. Electric models are now tiny enough to fit on a countertop.

Although movie theater popcorn is not healthful, air popped popcorn is one of the healthiest types of popcorn. It doesn’t need any oil to cook; it’s added later to provide flavor. Because the popcorn is no longer in touch with heat once it pops, it is very difficult to burn or overcook.

Is Air-Popped Popcorn Healthy?

Corn kernels are a whole grain snack that is high in fiber and low in fat and calories. Only with the addition of chemicals, oils, and artificial flavorings can popcorn become harmful. Making pure, fresh popcorn on the stovetop means you’ll be eating a wholesome snack as nature intended.

While I enjoy eating plain stovetop popcorn, I know that some individuals, particularly those accustomed to microwave and movie theater popcorn, find the flavor dull. Sea salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper, and nutritional yeast are some healthy and flavorful toppings. If you must use oil, choose high-quality, organic oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. Of course, butter is a common topping for popcorn, but use it sparingly to reduce fat and calories.

How to Make Air-Popped Popcorn?

Microwave method

Begin by placing your popcorn kernels in a paper bag. Fold the bag over twice to prevent it from opening up in the middle of the microwave. Microwave the popcorn for 2-3 minutes, or until it stops popping.

Stovetop method

In a big nonstick saucepan, combine the oil and 3 or 4 kernels. Cover it and cook over medium heat until the kernels pop. This indicates whether the oil is hot enough to cook in.

After that, take the pot from the heat and add the remaining kernels. Cover the saucepan, shake it vigorously, and set it aside for 60 seconds.

Return the saucepan to the fire over medium heat and wait for the kernels to pop. Remove the popcorn from the heat and quickly remove the cover when the popping becomes erratic. Pour into a bowl and serve immediately.

 Air popper method 

An at-home popcorn machine is the most convenient method to enjoy air-popped popcorn. Simply follow the directions on the machine and you’ll be done!

How do you make air popped popcorn without an air popper?

Don’t worry if you don’t have an electric air popper. You don’t need one to produce air-popped popcorn! Making air popped popcorn in the microwave using a paper bag is the simplest method. Simply place the kernels in the bag, fold the top over to keep the steam within, and microwave for two to three minutes on high.

In an air fryer, you can also produce air popped popcorn. Preheat the air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Line the bottom of the basket with aluminum foil and sprinkle with 1/2 cup popcorn kernels in a single layer. Cook the popcorn for 8 to 10 minutes, stopping the machine when you hear it stop popping. Allow the popcorn to rest for a further minute or two in case any leftover kernels desire to pop.

Air Popped Popcorn

How to Season Air Popped Popcorn?

  • Butter- Place the popcorn in a ziplock bag and sprinkle it with melted butter and salt. Shake the bag vigorously before transferring to a serving basin.
  • Caramel- Make a basic caramel and drizzle it over the popcorn. Bake it till brown and crispy, stirring frequently.
  • Nacho cheese- Use a package of nacho seasoning (found in the spice aisle) or cheddar seasoning with smoky paprika, garlic salt, and onion.
  • Salt and vinegar- Combine melted butter and vinegar in a mixing bowl. Pour the vinegar mixture over the popcorn in a large mixing basin, stirring often. Before serving, season with salt.
  • Kettle corn- Place popcorn in a bag and sprinkle with melted butter. Mix it again, then add the salt and sugar and shake again.