How To Use A Cotton Candy Machine?

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If you come across a cotton candy machine for sale, you should be wary of purchasing it if it does not come with instructions. However, because all cotton candy machines work in the same manner, you may discover that operating a cotton candy maker is easier than you expected!

How Does a Cotton Candy Machine Work?

The cotton candy machine is spinning and heating up. To make the lengthy strands of sugar floss, the sugar is heated and squeezed through a disk or cylinder pierced with hundreds of small holes. In a nutshell, the sugar floss mixture is put into a central reservoir and slowly heated to a liquid condition.

Once liquefied, it is pushed through the perforations in the chamber. The idea is to have something handy to gather the strands when they exit the cylinder. Because of the spinning, the person collecting the sugar must work rapidly and carefully (the floss head of the Gold Medal Econo Floss Cotton Candy Maker revolves at 3,450 RPM) and must also gather the cotton candy in a spinning motion, commonly on a little wooden stick, paper cone, or in a plastic bag.

Cotton candy must be gathered and consumed promptly since it quickly collects moisture from the air and liquefies.

How To Use A Cotton Candy Machine?

Before Connecting A Cotton Candy Machine:

  1. To lower the shipment bracket, unscrew and push down the two knobs on either side of the cabinet top. If this is not done, the machine will not work.
  2. Check that the floss ribbon (heating element) within the head assembly has not come loose from the band during transit. If the ribbon has come loose from the band, physically press it back into place.
  3. Place the machine on a level surface. Place the huge metal bowl on top of the machine. There are no bolts holding the bowl to the machine.
  4. Attach the stabilizer to the interior of the bowl using the clips provided (this will allow the sugar to catch onto the mesh screen)
  5. Place the bowl’s protective plastic floss bubble on top.
  6. Check that both switches on the front of the machine are turned off.
  7. Connect the machine.

Instructions for Using a Cotton Candy Machine

  1. Please always maintain the cotton candy machine upright.
  2. Never ever lift the machine by its spinning head. use the handles at all times.
  3. use caution and safety – The floss bubble should be utilized at all times. The floss head spins at 3450 RPM and is quite hazardous. Operators must keep their hands and faces away from the floss head. To be safe, spectators must stand a respectable distance away.
  4. When the motor is going, NEVER add floss sugar. Before adding sugar, always turn the machine off.
  5. Always use the floss sugar that we supply. Other sugars have the potential to harm the heating element.

Operate a Cotton Candy Machine

  1. Please keep the cotton candy machine upright at all times.
  2. Never help the machine by the spinning head. at all times, use the handles.
  3. use caution and safety- At all times, the floss bubble should be used. The floss head spins at 3450 RPM and is quite dangerous. Hands and faces must be kept away from the floss head by operators. Observers must keep a safe distance from the action.
  4. NEVER add floss sugar while the motor is running. Always switch off the machine before adding sugar.
  5. Always use the floss sugar we provide. Other sugars may cause damage to the heating element.

Make Floss from a Cotton Candy Machine

Keep your hands away from the whirling head!

  1. Choose a cone; if it becomes stuck in the stack of cones, twist it off.
  2. Hold an inch or so of the cone’s pointed end between two fingers and a thumb. Roll the cone in the web of floss that has formed in the pan with a gentle flicking motion. Lift the cone with the floss ring connected and rotate it to wrap the floss. DO NOT ROLL THE FLANNEL WHILE THE CONE IS IN THE PAN. This will cause the floss to be packed excessively tightly.
  3. If the floss does not adhere to the cone, pass it near the spinner head to collect a “starter” of melted sugar. Lift the cone from the pan and wrap the floss in a “figure eight” motion with your hand. This creates massive pockets and makes the finished object look bigger.
  4. If the humidity in the environment is too high, the product will be “heavy.”
  5. When the machine is turned on, the floss will accumulate on the mesh stabilizer inside the basin. If the floss gathers “low” on the netting, twist the leading (front) edge of the leather floaters down. You get greater lift, and the floss gathers higher.
Cotton Candy Machine

Clean the Cotton Candy Machine

  1. Run all the sugar out of the floss head at the end of the day (or any extended duration). When the band is empty, raise the heat to high for about one minute to “clean” it by baking off any leftover sugar. NEVER EVER put water into the floss head.
  2. Remove the mesh stabilizer and clips and place them in the bag (be careful not to lose the clips (5.00 replacement price), then pull the bowl and bubble off the machine and store them in the protected bag or box they arrived in. Tighten both knobs on the machine’s sides to keep the motor steady in transit. Wipe off the metal motor section of the machine and store it somewhere dry.
  3. Clean the aluminum bowl well to ensure that no sugar remains on the bowl or netting.
  4. To remove ALL of the sugar from the bubble, use hot water and a delicate cloth. Make sure not to scratch the bubble.
  5. Replace the bubble in its plastic bag, then return the bowl and bubble to their original boxes.