Do Converse Shoes Well in a Washing Machine?

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Shoes in the Converse style are great all year long and appropriate for almost any season. When you have white Converse though, you will need to take particular care to ensure that they remain white and look great. Whether you choose to hand wash or use a washing machine, we’ll go over the best way to clean Converse-style shoes at home in this article.

Could you Wash Converse Sneakers in a Washing Machine?

You might be tempted to put your Converse trainers in the washing machine if you’re pressed for time and need to get them clean quickly for your day out.

Is that the best plan, though?

It’s not a good idea, no. Even Converse states on their website that you shouldn’t wash Converse shoes. Converse sneakers should always be hand washed in a mixture of warm water, mild soap, and cloths.

Let’s look at the proper cleaning procedures for Converse sneakers.

In order to avoid ruining your awesome shoes, take into account the following before washing your Converse trainers.

  • In order to properly clean any shoe, you should test the cleaning solution on a hidden area of the shoe. You could apply some product to the side of the tongue of your Converse trainers. It’s a good idea to test this component here because it’s not very visible.
  • When cleaning your shoes, you shouldn’t use extremely hot water because doing so might weaken the adhesive holding the rubber soles to the shoes.
  • Before you start cleaning, it’s helpful if you can take the laces off your shoes, but it’s not absolutely necessary if you’re pressed for time.

Let’s begin the cleaning right away.

Preparing Converse for the Washer

The shoes must first have as much mud and dirt removed as you can. You don’t want the water in your washer to become more dirty than it already is.

The best practice is to take the laces off the Chucks before putting them in the washer. Shoelaces can encircle objects, squeeze objects, and generally cause a lot of trouble that you do not want.

How Should White Converse Shoes Be Cleaned in the Washing Machine?

  1. First, take the laces off.
  2. For protection inside the washing machine drum, put your Converse in a mesh wash bag or pillowcase.
  3. Always run your machine on a gentle cycle at a low temperature.
  4. Avoid using fabric conditioners and use a mild detergent instead.
  5. To help cushion your shoes during the spin cycle, strew a few towels on the drum.
  6. Air-dry your Converse shoes.

Although hand cleaning white Converse-style shoes is frequently the best option, you can also try washing Converse pumps in the washing machine. This is excellent if you have stains that are difficult to remove by hand washing, but you must first confirm that the brand of Converse-style shoes you choose is dishwasher safe.

How Can Converse Shoes Be Dried?

How then should the sneakers be dried to prevent them from degrading and losing their shape? Lay the shoes so that there is water from the glass right after washing them. It is not necessary to squeeze it with your hands, and hanging it from a rope is also not recommended. Put crumpled white paper inside the shoes after the water has been drained. Newspapers don’t need to be pushed because the shoe’s black paint might still be visible. To dry the converse at room temperature, place them in a warm, well-ventilated area after that.

If you want to dry sneakers outdoors, find a spot in the shade. If you want to dry them inside, keep the shoes at least one meter away from the heat source. Modern drying cabinets have a “shoe drying” or “gentle drying” mode that is best for dried envelopes that have been washed.

In conclusion, it should be noted that we made an effort to more or less succinctly respond to the questions of whether it is possible to wash converse in a washing machine and how to do it properly so that they do not lose their appearance but instead gain from washing in the context of this article. We sincerely hope you find this information useful.

Washing Machine

How to Clean Converse by Hand – Without Washing Machine

Converse can shrink whenever you put them in the washing machine and dryer. They may lose their shape if you wash your clothes too thoroughly in the washing machine.

We advise you to clean your Converse by hand if they are not sufficiently dirty.   

In order for you to enjoy your day with cleaned Converse without getting blisters, we will explain the cleaning procedure and restore your shoe size tips.

Final Thoughts

Like most things in life, just because something is forbidden doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  Washing any shoes in hot water runs the risk of causing fabric to shrink or glue to melt. Using colored detergent could result in stains, and using too much detergent could bleach or cause colors to run.  Therefore, as long as you use a gentle detergent and wash at a gentle temperature, you should be fine.

If you have other problems with washing machines, welcome to check the following guides!