How To Break Into Car Wash Change Machines In Simple Ways?

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This is unlawful, as you may already know. This publication only serves as an eye-opener by outlining the different routes anyone can take to break into a coin-operated machine. It might be done manually with basic stationery items, with the aid of specialized software, a magnetic stripe reader, or both.

How To Break Into Car Wash Change Machines

Utilizing Paper Bills

Money can be stolen from a car wash change machine using a paper bill. To obtain twice as much change from the change machine, use a paper bill they already had.

Only a coin-operated machine where a paper ring would be inserted lengthwise in a slot can use this technique. It doesn’t work in vending machines that require you to insert a composition bill before the tray can be moved into position.

To smooth out a $5 bill, for instance, crumple it first. As a result, the surface of your bill would be severely wrinkled.

You should make a hole in the $5 bill by cutting at the lower-left corner, just before the number 5.

If you insert the $5 bill into the machine before realizing there is a problem when the notched component is inserted, the machine will assume everything is fine. At that point, it would reject the $5 bill and reprint it. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll also get $5 in change.

Obtaining a Free Car Wash Using a Magnet

There is a cable car wash trick that you can use with a self-service car wash if you want to cheat at car washes. On TikTok as well, it has gained notoriety and popularity. In this method, a car wash hacking magnet would be used to remove the car slipstream machine.

This hack does not work with all self-service car slipstream machines, though. Older self-service car wash machines are the ones most susceptible to this attack.

A chance of breaking would still exist even if this method could not be used to steal money from the more recent self-service cable car washout machines.

You can use a sizable, powerful magnet for this hack. To get free money, it can tamper with self-service car wash equipment. As soon as someone placed the magnets over the coin grabber, the machine would be programmed to give credit for a free car wash.

If the coin acceptor’s magnet was continuously tapped, the credit would keep increasing. As they tap further on, more time is available for car washing.

Making a Photocopy of a Paper Bill

Since producing counterfeit money is a serious federal offense, this machine actually engages in the practice. The procedure involved making a paper bill into a photocopy and inserting it into the coin-operated machine.

A paper bill must be duplicated exactly twice, on both sides, using a copy machine.

Most change machines can be tricked by using a duplicate of a paper bill. It would be distributed as cash.

Using Foil

People might also try to break into a coin-operated car wash by using the reflectiveness of foil. Use the sulfur reflectiveness of the thwart to trick a change machine’s randomization sensors and force it to go deeper.

The foil would be cut into pieces the size of a paper bill so it could slide into the opening of the change machine.

Insert the foil piece into the coin machine with the glossy side facing out. Following that, the foil would reflect the pattern used to inspect the bills back to the sensor. Once it thinks real money was inserted, the device will release the change.

Car Wash Machine Keys to Trick the Car Wash Change Machine

There is a chance that a criminal could amass a collection of car wash coin vault keys and use them to gain entry to cable car wash coin lockers in order to steal money. It could be an intentional undercover operation or someone with a crucial choice from another car wash. The burglar would do it like this:

They keep a collection of coin-vault keys from car washes. Each key would be tried again and again until the coin safe was opened. Once it is open, cash is taken.

To create the appearance that no crime had been committed, they would replace the locks. And the owner of the car wash would only find out they had been stolen when they went up to collect a payment.

How Can A Car Wash Change Machine Be Tricked?

By placing a bill the same size as the coin, you can locate the car wash machine. As soon as a coin is put into the machine, it will indicate that it has been inserted and begin to operate. Simply fold a bill into the shape of a coin and use that in place of the actual cash.

Another way to fool a machine is to insert a rock or anything else; if it is accepted, you will receive a free car wash.

A second option is to fold the bill in half so that it will fool the car wash machine and you will get a free car wash.

How Do I Unlock A Cash Machine Without A Key?

There is no cause for concern if you need to open a machine but have lost the key. It is simple to trick a machine. It would be beneficial if you had some metal wires with which to open it.

After some time, it will be opened if you insert the metal wires into the keyhole and twist. Use a card or something else sturdy as an additional option.

Please place it in the necessary location and attempt to open it. The machine can be opened without a key after a few tries.

If none of these things are functioning, take a screwdriver and open the machine’s panel. Unlocking the gadget will take five minutes.

How Can A Magnet Be Used To Obtain A Free Car Wash?

A car wash can be obtained for free using a magnet trick. Although it does not work on all machines, it will save you some money. A few car machines are tricked by the magnet hack.

Car washes are available for no cost. The best course of action would be to look for locations that accept tokens, though you can also use a different trick to trick these machines.

All you have to do to open it and get the machine working is to place the magnet on the desired location and perform a few tricks. You can receive a free car wash in the same way.


A car wash is a really profitable and useful business in terms of commerce. Without any human assistance, car wash businesses can be set up anywhere.

However, there are hacks where there is technology, and such businesses are susceptible to hacking. The cash machine can be broken into in a variety of ways, and car wash machines are easily hackable.

If you have other problems with washing machines, welcome to check the following guides!